Swimming Technique Continues Q&A with Top Coaches; Meet UCSD Coach Scott McGihon, Read How They Train

PHOENIX, Arizona, October 5. THE Swimming Technique section in the October issue of Swimming World Magazine features an interview with Coach Scott McGihon of the University of California at San Diego. He takes part in a Q & A session with writer Michael Stott. Among other things, McGihon talks about what he looks for in freshman swimmers, training expectations, training cycles and dryland.

The How They Train article features Dan Perdew – an up-and-coming sprint freestyler on the UC San Diego team. Coach McGihon provides a specific, detailed workout that he uses in training his successful sprint group.

In the Technique spread, Glenn Mills, Swimming World Magazine's Technical Advisor, analyzes how South African star and current world record holder in the 50 meter butterfly, Roland Schoeman uses balanced breathing in enabling him to maintain all important balance, rhythm and speed during his races.

Also in the October issue Premium Subscribers can listen and watch athletes such as Ben Wildman-Tobriner, Kate Ziegler, Katie Hoff, Michael Phelps, Caitlin Leverenz, Dana Vollmer, David Walters, Erik Vendt, Kathleen Hersey, Peter Vanderkaay, Rebecca Soni and Ryan Lochte talk about their races from the recent USA Nationals. Learn more about Olympic Swim Coaches: Eddie Reese and Jack Bauerle, Brendan and Buzz Hansen, Rutgers, Ian Crocker and Underwater Cameras embedded in this important issue.

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Overall, there are 18 videos embedded in the October digital-download issue of Swimming World Magazine. Click here for a preview of the multimedia items available in the October issue.