Swimming Strength Training: Standing Landmine Exercise

standing landmine exercise

By Dr. G. John Mullen

Transferring strength and power from the lower extremities to the upper body occurs in all swimming strokes. Improving this transference minimizes drag while maximizing power and swimming speed. Transference is essential in swimming, where the legs (at least in elite swimmers) dictate the hips. The standing landmine exercise encourages leg drive through the arms. This can be used in long-axis (freestyle and backstroke) or short-axis (breaststroke and butterfly) swimmers, depending on whether they use one or two bars. Also, core strength can be further emphasized if placed in an unstable (half kneeling, kneeling position, or lying down).


While standing, place a heavy bar on your shoulder, with the other end on the ground. Initiate the movement from the legs and hips and drive the bar from the shoulder up towards the sky. Slowly return the bar to the shoulder. This can also be performed with both knees on the ground or while standing.

Standing Landmine Exercise