Swimming Comes Storming Back in Oregon Voting, Now in a Virtual Dead Heat with Gymnastics

By Phillip Whitten

EUGENE, Oregon, Oct. 31. A surge of votes for Swimming following the posting of yesterday's and this morning's stories on SwimInfo have brought Swimming back into a virtual tie with Gymnastics on the voting for a new women's sport at the University of oregon.

The voting is taking place on

The web site asks readers:
What current NCAA women's sport would you like Oregon to add?(No. of schools sponsoring sport in parenthesis)

Before our stories yesterday and early this morning, Gymnastics had taken a 23,000 vote lead. That has all turned around.

Out of more than 270,000 votes cast, Gymnastics now holds a slim 256 vote lead. Here are the current totals for the top five sports:

1. Gymnastics (64) – 42.0% (113,862 votes)
2. Swimming & Diving (184) – 42.0% (113,606 votes)
3. Water Polo (29) – 14.8% (39,991 votes)
4. Lacrosse (77) – 0.3% (864 votes)
5. Rowing (84) – 0.3% (805 votes)

We can win this vote, but we must keep the pressure on. If you care about the future of our sport, we need you to vote and encourage your friends to vote!

YOU can help create a new Women's Swimming and Diving program at Oregon by voting at the school's web site below.


You can help further by passing this article along to five friends and asking them to vote.