Swim Training + Sports Nutrition = Success!

By Dawn Weatherwax-Fall

Many swimmers train extremely hard but eat what ever they want.

Sports Nutrition has the ability to affect performance up to 15 percent! But if you eat poor quality foods or do not consume enough calories to match the training output, it will be very difficult for the swimmer to maximize all their hard work.

We have been very successful in helping local and non local swimmers achieve their best times. Below is an actual athlete we worked with that bettered his 100-yard backstroke by two seconds after he changed his nutrition. This change in nutrition took into account how much body fat he had, how many calories he was currently burning, and his eating and workout schedule.

Sports Nutrition is NOT just about eating healthy, but it is a about eating the right mix of foods, at the right time, in the right quantities for THAT individual! Sports Nutrition varies and changes just like the training protocols change.

However, if the athlete is going to invest in the sports nutrition process, I highly recommend the athlete finds a Dietitian that specializes in sports nutrition.

The science, multiple calculations, possible supplementation, individualized menus for everyday training; tapering and competing are complex and takes expertise.

However, if the athlete is serious, the sports nutrition piece is a component to take very seriously and will take as much hard work as all the hours of training! Where do you stand? Are you that serious? If so, what did you eat and drink today?

Short Distance Swimmer
Before Sports Nutrition Plan
* 6'3
* 154.7 lb
* Age 15
* 15.6% Body Fat
* 24.2lb Fat Weight
* 130.5lb Lean Weight
* Finished 6th in State Previous Year
* Needs to Gain Lean tissue, finish strong, and increase speed

Only eating ~2000kcal a day
* 5am Swim 1 ½hr
* Breakfast: Sausage Sandwich
* Lunch: Pizza, Fries, Juice
* 3pm Swim 2 hrs, 1/2 hr lifting 3x wk
* Dinner: Meat, Vegetables, Grain
* Snack: Juice or fruit

3 Month Follow up!
* Gained 10.4lb on the scale
* Gained a total of 19.9 pounds of lean weight
* 9.3% Body Fat
* 15.3lb Fat Weight
* 149.3lb Lean Weight
* Each meet, times improved
* State: Finished 1st in State and shaved 2 seconds off 100yd backstroke, Won 1st place in 100yd backstroke and State Relay Medal

Dawn Weatherwax-Fall is a Registered/Licensed Dietitian with a specialty in Sports Nutrition and Founder of Sports Nutrition 2Go. She is also an Athletic Trainer with a Certification in Strength and Conditioning from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Weatherwax-Fall is also the author of The Official Snack Guide for Beleaguered Sports Parents and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sports Nutrition. She is an Official Speaker for the Gatorade Sports Science Institute and on the approval speaker list for the NCAA. Weatherwax-Fall is an active member of a host of other national association within her field.