Swim Training Set Of The Week: Cincinnati 50s Set

Photo Courtesy: Cincinnati Athletics

Looking for a way to bolster your mid-distance and sprint freestyle groups? The head coach of the University of Cincinnati, Mandy Commons-DiSalle, uses a deceptively challenging set of 50s to get the most out of her mid-sprint group. The set includes a grand total of 32 50s all out, with intervals getting faster each 50. It’s an effective and fun challenge for any level of sprinter or mid-distance swimmer.

4x through

8 x 50 All Out @ 1:30 (decrease interval 5 seconds each 50 and hold same time)

1 x 100 easy @ 2:00

The set seems simple, Commons-DiSalle admits. The challenge of holding the same time on a descending cycle makes this set a keeper. The Bearcat swimmers loved it, too. “I got a lot of positive feedback on it,” Commons-DiSalle said.

Cincinnati did this set over the summer in a long course meters pool, but the workout transfers easily to short course yards. There’s no need to change the intervals.

With four rounds of all out 50s, the set will surely tire out the swimmers. Swimmers should focus on maintaining a fast tempo on every 50, having consistent power, and blasting their walls like they would in a race. The 32 50s provide ample opportunities to fine tune the minute details of their sprints: turns, breathing, underwater distance, etc. For more the mid-distance swimmers, it’s a chance to work on consistency of their pacing and speed. In the end, these 50s will pay dividends for their 200 events.

As coaches, you can add a little variety to this set. Each round can be a different stroke (for example, IM order by round for your IMers). You can also alternate a round of freestyle and a round of specialty. Or you can stick with doing all the rounds freestyle. The set provides flexibility!

Interested in having your set used in Swimming World’s Swim Training Set of the Week? Submit your set to the Swim Coaches Idea Exchange Group on Facebook or email it to edulaney@fuse.net. Be sure to include your team name and any comments or explanations for your set. 

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  1. Amy Foran

    Alex shall we give this a go one day?

    • Alex Timms

      We… No, I’ll give it a run Saturday on the kids

    • Amy Foran

      I think I’d only make it through the first round!

  2. Lisa Crowe Hill

    Evan Dulaney…maybe your group needs to try something like this?

    • Evan Dulaney

      I’m definitely doing it with National Prep this season. And soon!

    • Katie Fackler

      I like! We are getting moved to Anderson on Friday. If we have the clocks, we may do this.

  3. Rishi Asher

    David, next Tuesday morning?

  4. David Zhang

    Rishi I would man but I’m trying to put on some weight. A reminiscent swim workout wouldn’t really help with that :(. Hit me up near march though. I’ll be down.

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