Swim the Skies of London in “World’s First” 360-Degree Infinity Pool

Photo Courtesy: Compass Pools, https://www.compass-pools.co.uk

By Madilyn Sindelar, Swimming World College Intern.

Imagine this: you’re going for a dip in the familiar chlorinated waters of the pool, yet instead of the black line, you see faces smiling up at you and waving from the room below. You try to anticipate the flip-turn as you approach the wall, yet you face-plant into the clear glass boundary. At this point, you’re stunned by the view and take it all in. The city of London sparkles and bustles all around you – the full 360 degrees.

Around the world, there are only a handful of architecturally beautiful pools that swimmers dream of splashing around in. However, could you imagine taking a dip in a pool at the top of a skyscraper, with a 55-story drop below?

Watch the YouTube video above for an in-depth explanation of the design by head designer and director, Alex Kemsley.

The “world’s first” infinity pool, named Infinity London, boasts an endless view. To be filled with 600,000 liters of water, the pool would sit on top of a five-star hotel. Infinity London – designed by Compass Pools – will be created out of cast acrylic with completely transparent sides. This allows hotel visitors to view people swimming above. In addition, designers envision that the pool will sparkle due to a creative arrangement of lights. However, the idea of swimming on top of a 55-story building is heart-stopping for most.


Photo Courtesy: Compass Pools, https://www.compass-pools.co.uk

The upcoming project faces many challenges.

The biggest challenge to this design is ensuring the full 360-degree view without obstruction, specifically from stairs at the entry and exit point. This is where creativity from Compass Pool’s designer and technical director, Alex Kemsley, comes into play.

In order to ensure the view, designers have created a stairless entrance to the pool inspired by the structure of a submarine door. Swimmers will enter from below on a spiral staircase that will rotate and rise to the entrance.

An additional challenge lies in regulating the temperature and depth of the water in such an exposed location. For an energy-efficient solution, the water will be heated by waste energy from the building’s air conditioning system. The water temperature will be monitored as well as wind speed by a built-in anemometer. As explained in an online interview with Compass Pools, this is a device connected to “[A] computer-controlled building management system to ensure the pool stays at the right temperature and water doesn’t get blown down to the streets below.”


Photo Courtesy: Compass Pools, https://www.compass-pools.co.uk

Construction is slated to begin in 2020 pending confirmation of partners and contractors.

The depth and breadth of detailed planning for this project reflect awe and respect for the water that all swimmers can relate to. Would you go for a swim in the “world’s first” infinity pool atop London?

Tell us your answer in a comment below!

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  1. Rikke Nielsen

    Katrine Nielsen det vil jeg prøve 🤩🤩

  2. Neil Morgan

    I guess the fun bit is trying to get in/out.

    • Neil Morgan

      Dave Hoover I read the article afterwards, and it’s not as much fun as that.

  3. Katrina Anne Tedstone

    Jillian Folger John Feher Danielle Drapeau Jim Drapeau Can we do this in London?????

  4. Lauren Grippo

    How do we get in and out? Lauren Logan

    • Lauren Logan

      I was thinking you must swim up through the middle… 🤔

    • Lauren Grippo

      Lauren Logan 🤔🤔 through a tunnel…that would be cool….

    • Mary-Helen Hopkins

      Lauren Grippo, it’s a sort of moving underwater stairway.

  5. Angela Chooyin

    Julia Mary this is what I was telling you about xx

  6. Mike Caldwell

    How do you enter the pool? There isn’t any access.

  7. Jim Drapeau

    I’m sorry to be the bummer, but it doesn’t exist.

  8. Sith Mall

    That is the kind of pool for Instagram addicts, not swimmers.

  9. Thomas Richner

    Not safe… and no way to get into it(?). Gonna say probably not real.

    • Cindy Taylor

      Thomas Richner looks like the largest bird bath in Europe

    • Tom Healy

      Rachael Lee Don’t screw up on the tumble turn…..or wear a parachute. 😭😭

  10. Dana Barbin Hamm

    Sydney Fisher Dan McGuire you missed this on your trip to London! Next time!

  11. avatar
    Patt Chase

    Sign me up. Want to be the first swimmer! Thank you.

  12. avatar

    I don’t think it is safe to have a waist-high infinity edge that drops 55 stories. They have to figure out how to solve that problem. If the molded plexiglass is ten feet high it will obstruct the view all around from water droplets on it and dust from the air coating the outside. One story below also there should be a wrap around solarium where people can lounge and eat etc. Since there is no deck around the pool proper. I think this design is amazing but needs a lot more work.

  13. Dexter Wong

    Nice pool for viewing
    & selfies
    & media posts

    Not really for Swimming

  14. Ruth Flight Oly

    Looks awesome but how the heck do you get in and out????

    • Ian Craig

      Ruth Flight Oly a visit comes with two parachutes 😂😂

    • Ruth Flight Oly

      Ian Craig mmmmm I might rain check 🤣🤣🤣

    • Rachael Lee

      Marian Lee family holiday mam??

  15. Harrison Evans

    Kristen Wright Hannah Perry Gonna visit this place??

  16. Morag Scott

    Alice Flood how on earth do you get in and out?!

    • Alice Flood

      Morag Scott hidden stairs apparently 🤷‍♀️

  17. Imogen Stubbs

    Carly Odell, Jessica Cook can we go to this please? 😍

    • Carly Odell

      Imogen Stubbs omg yes😍😍

    • Jessica Cook

      Hell yes!!! I’m so up for this 😍😍

  18. avatar

    Absolutely! Looks like so much fun I would like to take a special trip just for this pool!

  19. Jonas Reinhold

    Emily Bell, Lena Soulas we gotta go there when it’s finished !

  20. avatar


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