Swim Poll of the Week: How Often Do Your Teammates Encourage You During Practice?


This is the Swim Poll of the Week for Wednesday, January 6, 2021, sponsored by Strechcordz Swim Training Products. In our last poll, we wanted to know: How often do your teammates encourage you during practice?

Swimming is classified as an individual sport due to the individuality of races and how athletes’ careers are judged off of their individual accomplishments in the pool. But team swimming is beneficial in keeping swimmers in the sport longer – if they are around their friends in a good environment then they are usually happier in the sport and it can lead to stronger bonds between peers. Swimmers that cheer on each other during practice can help improve performance and pick things up when a set gets too difficult. If it is a positive environment, then it can raise the level of everyone in the group.

So we wanted to ask our audience how often swimmers encourage each other during practice?

How often do your teammates encourage you during practice?

Always – 62%

Sometimes – 14%

Never – 24%




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