Swim Poll of the Week: 64% Agree With Tokyo Olympics Barring Overseas Spectators


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This is the Swim Poll of the Week for Thursday April 22, 2021, sponsored by Strechcordz Swim Training Products. In our last poll, we wanted to know: Do you agree with the Tokyo Olympics being shut off to overseas spectators?

The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will go ahead without overseas spectators because of the pandemic, Tokyo 2020 organisers confirmed on Saturday, March 20.

While reports earlier this month had indicated this would be the case, it has now been made official following a decision by the organising bodies during a remote meeting involving five parties, including the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee.

The meeting was attended by IOC president Thomas Bach, Seiko Hashimoto – the Tokyo 2020 chief – IPC head Andrew Parsons, Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike and Japan’s Olympic minister Tamayo Marukawa.

The Olympics are scheduled to open on 23 July with the Paralympics set to follow from 24 August, a year after Tokyo 2020 was slated to take place but was instead pushed back a year because of the pandemic.

A statement from the Tokyo 2020 organisers read:

“Currently, the COVID-19 situation in Japan and many other countries around the world is still very challenging and a number of variant strains have emerged, whilst international travel remains severely restricted globally.

“Based on the present situation of the pandemic, it is highly unlikely that entry into Japan will be guaranteed this summer for people from overseas.

“In order to give clarity to ticket holders living overseas and to enable them to adjust their travel plans at this stage, the parties on the Japanese side have come to the conclusion that they will not be able to enter into Japan at the time of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“This conclusion will further contribute to ensure safe and secure Games for all participants and the Japanese public.

“In line with their principle of safety first for all participants and out of respect for all the parties on the Japanese side, the IOC and IPC announced in today’s Five Parties meeting that they fully respect and accept this conclusion.

“Under these circumstances, ticketholders from overseas will soon be informed of the refund mechanism.

“We will continue to deliver a safe and secure Games in the hopes that they will be a light of hope.”

According to reports by the Associated Press and Inside the Games, CoSport, the Authorized Ticket Reseller (ATR) in the United States will only refund the face value of tickets purchased. What it won’t refund is the 20% handling fee that it charges, which is a sum that can add up quickly depending on the ticket package that was purchased. For ticket holders who purchased $2000 in tickets, CoSport’s policy means the buyer will be out $400.

CoSport, which also operates as the ATR in Australia and several other countries, is blaming the Japanese government and Tokyo Organizing Committee for its decision, claiming those entities have dictated the terms and conditions of ticket purchasing. Meanwhile, refunds for the face value of tickets are not expected to be delivered to customers until later this year.

When the Games are held in a few months, only Japanese spectators will fill the stands as a precaution against the further spread of COVID-19 by traveling international fans.


Do you agree with the Tokyo Olympics being shut off to overseas spectators?

Yes – 64%

No – 36%




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