Swim Industry News: Barracuda Unveils “The Ultimate,” A Revolutionary Design in Goggles

PORTLAND, Oregon, April 17. SKYLINE Northwest Corporation, manufacturer of BARRACUDA Goggles, has just released its new Ultimate swim goggle, a combination of BARRACUDA’s original positive pressure frame and its new Softech frame technology. When worn, the Ultimate forms a positive seal to the eyes, as the eyewear simulates the anatomy of the face. This exceptional technology then seals out water, without leaving marks on the wearer’s skin.

"The Ultimate is the best BARRACUDA offering since the Standard. It’s that good," explains Skyline Northwest President, Rick Runckel. "The combinations of precocious technologies that go into the Ultimate make it undeniably the most effective, as well as comfortable swim goggle out there."

The latex-free, rubber frame of the Ultimate combined with a double-strapping holds the goggle comfortably in place for the entire duration the wearer is in the water. The Ultimate is also fully equipped with a rear mounted adjustment tab to facilitate the user when putting the goggles on and when taking the goggles off.

"The Ultimate offers the wearer of the eyewear unmatched optical quality and protection," says Runckel. "The consumer is getting a boat load of technology and comfort for under $20.00."

The Ultimate lenses are coated with the latest in anti-fogging technology and are available in four colors: The laguna on pearl, clear on silver, smoke on black, and blue on blue.

Suggested retail for the Ultimate: $19.95

Skyline Northwest Corporation was established in 1979, the Portland-based company designs and manufactures precision sport optics, including Bugz Performance Eyewear and Barracuda Swim Goggles.

The company’s web site can be viewed at Barracuda