Sun Yang, Fu Yuanhui Among Chinese Swimmers Pulling Out Of FINA Champion Swim Series

Photo Courtesy: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

According to an article that appeared in XinhuaNet, a number of prominent Chinese swimmers, including Sun Yang and Fu Yuanhui, have pulled out of the remaining two stops of the FINA Champions Swim Series.

Sun and Fu, who were double event winners in the first stop of the series, are now absent from the updated start lists for the upcoming competition in Budapest, Hungary (May 11-12). That gave them $20,000 apiece, but it looks like that will be the extent of their earnings from the 2019 Series. All Chinese swimmers appear to have pulled out of the third and final stop in Indianapolis, Indiana (May 31-June 1).

China had a strong presence at the opening stop in Guangzhou, winning 10 events and posting a couple world-leading times courtesy of Sun Yang’s 400 free (3:42.75) and Ye Shiwen in the 200 breast (2:22.53).

Xu Jiayu (100/200 back), Wang Shun (200 IM), Lu Bingjie (200/400 free), and Wang Jianjiahe (400 free) are all still set to compete at the second stop of the series in Budapest.

You can see all the results from the first stop of the 2019 FINA Champions Swim Series here.


  1. HJ Oxie

    Afraid they might have to take a drug test where they can’t destroy the sample.

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      alosi losiri

      Yes Sun Yang should be banned for ever

  2. Matt Healy

    Probably gonna piss hot #cheaters

    • Sanele Nxumalo

      Call sun yung anything u want to call
      Him but he’s a fact he’s the greatest freestyler worlds ever seen! He’s a perfectionist humble and not American ?

      • avatar
        Scott Mcintire

        Has already failed 2 drug tests….

      • avatar

        He’s not humble at all lmao, have you seen him on social media?

        Also failing 2 drug tests and getting in trouble with destroying samples of others isn’t perfect anyway you look at it.

        He’s good, but don’t idolize him.

    • Matt Healy

      Sanele Nxumalo once a cheater always a cheater. His past is coming to haunt him

    • Jason Matthew Renshaw

      Cheats never prosper. Should have been banned and have every record and medal stripped from history. He is a grub of the highest calibre. Mack Horton said it best and called him out.

    • Pamela Goldsbro

      Sanele Nxumalo … you’re kidding aren’t you?

  3. #cheaters está clara la razón por la que se retiran…por suerte en la primera etapa les tomaron pruebas a algunos. Espero que uno de ellos haya sido Sun Yang.
    Alejandro Madde Madde
    Aldo Esteban Castillo
    Yassir Abdalla

    • Yassir Abdalla

      Muy obvio, estos personajes al igual ue varios rusos no deberían competir. Hay que castigar ya a los tramposos.

  4. avatar

    Better for Chinese swimmers not to join western-swim events, etc; western athletes- always sore losers accusing of Chinese athletes’ unproven doping, etc.

    • avatar

      Failing 2 drug tests and getting in trouble with destroying samples of others isn’t a very trustful track record anyway you look at it.

      Here’s an idea: maybe don’t have the majority of your atheletes dope at some point in thier lives and then we’ll show them the respect we show other clean countries.