Sue Welsh Named 2020 YMCA Swimming Coach of the Year


For the past 38 years, Sue Welsh has led the Hamilton Area YMCA Swim Team program. While building a successful team, she has helped her athletes achieve at every level from learning to swim to competing in Olympic Trials. She has coached high school, state and national champions along the way.

Welsh was selected as the 2020 YMCA Swimming Coach of the Year, an award sponsored by SwimOutlet.

One of her swimmers is David Curtiss, who is on the U.S. national team. She has also had two Olympic trials qualifiers, had five YMCA national champions, 16 YMCA national finalists and five New Jersey state titles.

While she has certainly guided her swimmers and teams to athletic success, it is Welsh’s holistic approach to coaching that has earned her the respect and appreciation of so many. Swimmers, parents and fellow coaches reflect that this is what makes her truly stand out. Firmly committed to the YMCA’s core values of Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility, Sue celebrates teamwork and selflessness as much as best times. She has built an inclusive and supportive team culture that is a hallmark of the program.

Sue Welsh  “focuses on maturing the swimmer as a whole person; she does not just concentrate on a swimmer’s athletic abilities,” according to a team parent. As testimony to this approach, Sue stays connected to alumni of the team long after their age group swimming careers are over.

Sue Welsh’s leadership is not reserved only for her athletes. Parents and fellow coaches have also benefitted from her guidance and encouragement during her 40+ year coaching career. As one coach explains, “she treats all around her, whether it be athlete, coach, parent or sibling with the upmost respect, compassion and humility.” A parent in the program adds that “she always takes the time to listen [to parents] with and open mind and she offers suggestions when needed.”

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      Jody Winthrop

      Congratulations Sue,
      Well deserved and about time.
      You have inspired so many along the way.

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    Alexis S.

    Way to go Sue!

  2. Kit Ashenfelter

    Sue!!! This is awesome and so very much deserved. Sending my best, my friend ????

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    Bob Magg


    Well deserved recognition of the work you have done through the years. Thank you for all you have done for swimmers and coaches.

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      Well earned, Sue. Well earned indeed!

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      Congratulations Sue! ?‍♀️?‍♂️

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    Samantha Soto

    Amazing sue! I’m so happy and you deserve this 100%. You helped me fall in love with swimming all over again when I was at my lowest. Thanks for all the fun and challenging practices!

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    Marianne Kandrac

    Congratulations Sue. Well deserved honor for 38 years of commitment and personal self- sacrifice to many, many children who are better people today because of your guidance and leadership.

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    Alex He

    Awesome! Best wishes to all, Coach Sue is the best!

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    Pam McGrew

    Well deserved Sue! Congratulations to you!

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    Jason Burr

    I am so proud to call you a friend.
    You have always helped me.
    Thanks for being my coach.
    Jason Burr