Strengthen Shoulder Blades With the Upper Cut Dryland Exercise!

SANTA CLARA, California, November 22. EVERY swimmer will benefit from today’s dryland exercise tip from Swimming World contributor G. John Mullen, as it helps develop the shoulder blade muscles so important in “overhead” motions such as arm recovery in all four strokes.

Many swimmers have winging or weak shoulder blade muscles. These muscles aid overhead shoulder motion which is repeatedly used in swimming. Specifically, this exercise targets the serratus anterior, a muscle which upwardly rotates the shoulder blade.

Directions: Starting without weight, start in a semi-squat position, then drive your body upwards, initiating with the legs. Your hand should cross your face and your upper arm (biceps) will come towards your face, like you are kissing your biceps.

Perform 10 to 15 repetitions.

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