Stanford Olympian Lia Neal Interviewed By First-Grader London

STANFORD, California, February 11. LIA Neal knows London. She was a bronze medalist on the United States’ 4×100-meter freestyle relay team at the 2012 London Olympics, after all.

Lia Neal knows interviews. It comes with the territory of being an Olympic medalist before taking your first college course.

But Sunday morning, Neal had a different London interview experience than she is used to.

Neal was interviewed by London, a first-grader at St. Philips School and Community Center in Dallas, Texas. The seven-year old London chose the freshman Neal for her class project on young, gifted African-Americans who are history makers of today.

After London’s parents approached Stanford about setting up the two for a virtual meeting, it was a no-brainer for Neal.

Below, watch London and Neal go through a brief introduction (that the rest of family and friends made sure to get in) before going into the interview around the five-minute mark.

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