Splashbacks: Cameron McEvoy, Yulia Efimova Top Names of March-April 2016


It’s been another amazing year of aquatics competition, including the long-awaited Rio Olympics, and Swimming World had our readers covered every step of the way.  During the next few days, we’ll take a look back in “Splashbacks”, the most read stories of 2016.

Second on our list is March and April of 2016, Cameron McEvoy, Joseph Schooling, and Townley Haas were three of the most talked about names on our site as they each etched their names in the record books., while Yulia Efimova was the most searched female athlete on Swimming World after she tested positive for meldonium.

1. 39 Thoughts All Swimmers Have During the 200 Butterfly

Arguably one of the most dreaded events at any swim meet, one of Swimming World’s college interns took time to reflect on 39 different thoughts that come across a swimmer’s mind during the 200 butterfly.

2. 10 Reasons to Date A Swimmer

When all you do is swim, think about swimming, and get ready to do more swimming it’s hard to escape dating a swimmer. One of Swimming World’s college interns noted the ten reasons why you should date a swimmer.

3. (Race Video) Watch Cameron McEvoy Unleash a 47.04 in 100 Free

Cameron McEvoy turned heads in April when he uncorked a textile best swim of 47.04 in the men’s 100 LCM free. That time quickly rocketed him to number one in the world rankings for 2016, falling just short of Cesar Cielo’s techsuit-fueled world record of 46.91 from 2009.

4. Yulia Efimova Fails Doping Test For Meldonium; Russia Confirms Temporary Suspension

Yulia Efimova’s rough road to the Rio Olympics began in mid-March when she became one of the many Russian athletes to test positive for meldonium after the drug’s move to the prohibited list. In response to her positive test, the Russian Swimming Federation temporarily suspended Efimova.

5.The Distance Debate: How Much Swim Training Should We Be Doing?

Swimming World contributor Wayne Goldsmith tackled a question that plagues all swimmers/coaches from time to time: how much swim training should we be doing? Goldsmith, who has attended lectures, workshops, practices, and more, tackled the question breaking down not only the distance debate’s past and present, but also looking ahead to the future of swim training.

6. Tim O’Brien, USA Swimming’s Developmental Coach of the Year, Officially Banned for Life

Tim O’Brien was added to USA Swimming’s Banned for Life List after issues of sexual misconduct occurring between 2002 and 2009 resurfaced. O’Brien, who was named developmental coach of the year by USA Swimming in 2015, accepted the ban without a hearing and did not appeal.

7. (Race Video) 1:37.97!! Joseph Schooling Breaks 1:38 Barrier in 200 Fly For NCAA Record

Joseph Schooling of Texas flew past not only the 1:39 barrier in the 200 butterfly at the 2016 Division I NCAA Men’s Championships, but also the 1:38 barrier. Schooling stopped the clock at a sizzling 1:37.97 for new NCAA and U.S. Open records.

8. (Race Video) Texas’ Townley Haas Crushes 200 Free NCAA, American Record With 1:30.46

Texas’ Townley Haas became one of the many record-breakers at the 2016 Division I NCAA Men’s Championships when he stunned the competition with a 1:30.46 in the 200 yard free. Haas’ time took down Simon Burnett’s NCAA record of 1:31.20, along with Ricky Berens’ American Record of 1:31.31.

9. Where to Look When Swimming Seems Cruel

Annie Grevers, a Swimming World staff member, reflected on the sometimes crueler sides of swimming with a moving commentary about where to turn in one’s darker moments. Revers reminds us to “Keep swimming. Keep failing. Keep striving. And ultimately, success will taste so much sweeter..”

10. Swimmer to Swammer… to Masters Swimmer

Swimming World contributor and host of “Swimcerely,” a podcast for swimmers, Spindrift Beck, recalled her reluctance to transition from her status of swammer and how she fell back in love with swimming as she dove in for a masters swim practice.