Singapore Swimming Association Intends on Suing Those Linked to Indonesian Fire Causing Haze

2015-fina-world-cup-singapore-haze (2)
Photo Courtesy: Todd Schmitz

After poor air quality due to a haze generated from massive forest fires in Indonesia forced the cancellation of the first night of action at the 2015 FINA World Cup Singapore, the Singapore Swimming Association has announced that it intends on pursuing legal action against any local company linked to the burns.

The haze caused by the raging fires in Indonesia not only poses a threat to our health but it also destroys the months of hard work put into preparing for programmes and events like the FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup presented by Yakult which was to be held at the OCBC Aquatic Centre this evening. The investment put into the event, through sponsors, time spent by our staff and volunteers, and the effort taken by athletes and officials to travel to Singapore have been wasted beyond measurement. The Singapore Swimming Association, along with FINA deeply regrets canceling day one of the finals. On our part, the SSA will seek legal advice and may consider joining other parties and individuals in any class action suit which is brought against any Singapore-listed company which is linked to the burning of forests in Indonesia which is now causing one of the worst haze episodes to affect the region and in particular Singapore.

– Jose Raymond, Vice-President (Finance), Singapore Swimming Association and former CEO, Singapore Environment Council

Not only has the SSA been forced to refund tickets from the first night, meet organizers are still required to dole out prize money for the first night based on times from both Beijing and Hong Kong stops as well as any times swum during day one prelims/timed finals.

That’s a huge financial hit considering a meet like this is typically not well-attended in the first place and much of the money is made via sponsorship dollars.


  1. John Andersen

    No good ole … That why I am going home next weekend ??

  2. Wyatt Fate

    Those fires almost canceled the Singapore Grand Prix…

  3. Todd Gilmore

    We should all sue them, but then I think we could be suing the Sing government. They might not let that happen.