Sickert Breaks Men’s 100 Butterfly SSC Record On Day 3

Nova Southeastern
Photo Courtesy: Sunshine State Conference Athletics

By Delaney Lanker, Swimming World College Intern

Day two finals of the Sunshine State Conference Championships were swam tonight. The finals of the men’s and women’s 200 free relay, 400 IM, 100 butterfly, 200 free and 400 medley relay were swam. The men’s 100 butterfly and 400 medley relay SSC records were broken.

Florida Southern won the women’s 200 free relay tonight. They went a 1:34.02 with the team of Kelsey Gouge (23.38), Krystal Karas (23.46), Brittany Aubley (23.75) and Rebeka Dics (23.43). Tampa took a close second (1:34.48) with a Marisa Barton (23.38), Sophie Long (23.82), Katie Bayes (24.01) and Amanda Nielson-Fernandes (23.27). Sydney Panzarino (23.85), Jordan Shows (23.62), Caroline Oster (23.87) and Brooke Munion (23.97) from Nova Southeastern took the bronze with a 1:35.31.

With a 1:19.09 Tampa’s team of Khalid Aldaboos (20.34), Jeremy Parker (19.61), Jordan Augier (19.69) and Martin Hammer (19.45) won the men’s 200 free relay. Florida Tech went a 1:20.23 for second with their squad of Nir Barnea (20.05), Filip Bujmic (20.02), Victor Rocha Furtado (20.25) and Edward Ilako (19.91). Nova Southeastern came in third (1:21.20) with Malique Elder (20.46), Julian Coster (20.22), David Van Der Colff (20.22) and Anton Lobanov (20.30).

Rebecca Matthews of Lynn, took gold in the women’s 400 IM with a 2:19.86. Nova Southeastern’s Courney DeVeny went a 4:26.19 for second place and Morgan Burns swam a 4:26.84 for third place on the podium.

Florida Southern’s Matthew Holmes won the men’s 400 IM with a 3:52.69. Nova Southeastern’s Marco Aldabe took the silver with a 3:53.63 and Florida Tech’s Yogoh Kubagawa touched in third place with a 3:55.10.

In the women’s 100 butterfly, Natalia Garriock from St. Leo, won the event with a 56.18. Tampa’s Sophia Long came in second place with a 56.41 and Florida Southern’s Krystal Karas went a 56.41 for the bronze.

Thiago Sickert of Nova Southeastern won the men’s 100 butterfly with a 47.14. With this time he broke the previous SSC record of 47.29 held by Pawl Trenda. Trends from St. Leo touched second  for the silver medal with a 47.49 and Marco Palacios from Florida Southern came in third with a 47.74.

The top four times in the women’s 200 free were all within two tenths of a second. Lynn’s Thalie Carmigniani won the event with a 1:50.59. Nova Southeastern’s Emma Wahlstrom came in second with a 1:50.74 and Florida Southern’s Alli Crenshaw went a 1:50.77 for third place.

In the men’s 200 free Jesus Marin from Florida Southern won the event with a 1:37.15. Jeremy Parker of Tampa took the silver with a 1:37.65 and Nova Southeastern’s Victor Tarin came in at a 1:38.03 for the bronze.

Nova Southeastern won the women’s 400 medley relay with a 3:46.29 and the team of DeVeny (57.24), Malin Westman (1:01.78), Sydney Panzarino (56.69) and Wahlstrom (50.58). Saint Leo’s team of Maftuna Tuhtasinova (57.28), Nicole Weber (1:03.71), Natalia Garriock (55.73) and Isabella Bains (52.37) went a 3:49.09 for second place. Florida Southern came in third (3:49.17) with Lauren Reynolds (56.77), Jacinda Whittenburg (1:05.31), Karas (56.60) and Dics (50.49).

Nova Southeastern also won the men’s 400 medley relay. The team of Van Der Colff (49.09), Lobanov (52.09), Sickert (46.66) and Tarin (44.26) went a 3:12.10 for first and with this time they also broke the previous SSC record. Florida Southern came in a close second (3:12.91) with Palacios (48.24), Sean Kim (53.36), Edson Lima (47.58) and Marin (43.73). Tampa placed third (3:17.13) with Augier (49.82), Wayne Denswil (55.38), Runar Borgen (48.43) and Parker (43.50).

Men Team Scores

1.Florida Southern 369.5
2.Nova Southeastern 348.5
3.Tampa 328.5
4.Florida Tech 311
5.Saint Leo 241.5
6.Rollins 105

Women Team Scores

1.Florida Southern 448.5
2.Nova Southeastern 392.5
3.Tampa 293
4.Lynn 211
5.Saint Leo 209
6.Rollins 118
7.Florida Tech 116