Seattle Sweeps Former NAIA Rival, California Baptist

RIVERSIDE, Calif., December 18. IN the middle of a grueling weeklong winter training trip, the Seattle University swim teams pulled off a sweep over former NAIA rival California Baptist University, this afternoon in Riverside, Calif.

Women's meet
Behind a huge day from Marion Gallagher (So., Everett, Wash./Cascade HS), the SU women swam to a 111-94 victory. Gallagher won both the 200-yard freestyle and 200-yard breaststroke events. In the 200-breast, Gallagher set a new team record with a time of 2:26.96, shattering her old record by nearly five seconds. Ryann Cooper, second in 2:28.14, was also well under the old record. Gallagher also finished second in the 100-yard free.

Elise Fischbach (Jr., Eugene, Ore./South Eugene HS) was also a double event winner for the Redhawks. She finished first in both the 400-yard individual medley and 200-yard backstroke.

Merceda Rivera (So., Mountain View,Hawaii/Waiakea HS) was SU's other event winner on the day, capturing first
in the 200-yard butterfly. The Redhawks pulled off 1-2-3 sweeps in the 400-individual medley and the 200-fly.

Lyndsay Devaney captured the distance double for Cal Baptist, winning the 1000 free in 10:42.51 and the 500 in 5:16.79. Angie Hunter took the 50 free in 25.04 for the home team while Jessica Wild won the 100 free in 54.23.

Men's meet
Sean Seaver (Sr., Ketchikan, Alaska/Ketchikan HS, Drury University) won two events to lead the SU men to a 111-96 victory. He finished first in both the
1000-yard and 500-yard freestyle events. Seaver was also a member of the SU 400-free relay that captured first place in the last event of the meet, edging Cal Baptist by .20 seconds. He swam the second fastest leg of the relay.

Other event winners for the Redhawk men were Joe Laughlin (Sr., Albany, Ore./West Albany HS) in the 100-free and Matt Oram (Fr., Olympia, Wash./North Thurston HS) in the 200-breast. Oram set a new personal record
with a time of 2:09.43.

Cal Baptist's Felix Sutanto won two events, turning in a sparkling 1:51.47 to win the 200 backstroke and 21.47 to take the 50 free. He also led off CBU's winning medley relay.

Matt Berry won the 200 free for the home team in 1:45.49 with Hanny Prasetyo second. Prasetyo came back later to win the 200 fly in 1:54.23, touching out SU's aRui Ewald. Bobby Eastman took the 400 IM in 4:13.15

The Redhawks host Central Washington University on Saturday, Jan. 11 at 1 pm.

Results (All events in yards)

Team Scores:
Seattle University 109
2-Cal Baptist 96

400 Medley Relay:
1-Cal Baptist 'A': (Sutanto, Hintz, Sprankle, Milic), 3:36.67; 2-Seattle University 'A': (Forgie, Oram, Oleson, Bartsch) 3:39.92; 3-Seattle University 'B': (Tollett, Hildwein, Davis, Baker), 3:53.49; 4-Cal Baptist 'B': (Roberts, Heinz, Gerstheimer, Laterza), 3:6.39.

1000 Freestyle: 1-Sean Seaver, SU, 9:55.71; 2-Jeffrey Foucrier, SU, 9:58.04; 3-Darren Netzley, CBU, 10:05.53; 4-Christ Lopez, CBU, 10:19.60; 5-Ben Newcomb, SU, 10:49.92.

200 Freestyle: 1-Matt Berry, CBU, 1:45.49; 2-Hanny Prasetyo, CBU, 1:46.19; 3-Rui Ewald, SU, 1:46.39; 4-Jesse Shelton, SU, 1:47.50; 5-Cori Bemis, SU, 1:50.36;
6-Goran Milic-CBU, 1:51.62; 7-Thomas Gerstheimer, CBU, 1:57.17.

50 Freestyle: 1-Felix Sutanto, CBU, 21.47; 2-Joseph Laughlin, SU, 21.78; 3-Rodney Pillman, CBU, 22.32; 4-Josh Louvier, CBU, 22.33; 5-Ryan Denzer, SU, 22.51; 6-Leonardo Laterza, CBU, 23.23; 7-Andre Davis, SU, 23.72.

400 Ind. Medley: 1-Bobby Eastman, CBU, 4:13.15; 2-Jonathon Bartsch, SU, 4:14.79; 3-Zach Mueller, SU, 4:16.36; 4-Matt Heinz, CBU, 4:27.71; 5-Christ Forgie,
SU, 4:27.98; 6-Brain Roberts, CBU, 4:29.68; 7-Andy Hintz, CBU, 4:38.17; 8-Bill Tollett, SU, 4:47.90.

200 Butterfly: 1-Hanny Prasetyo, CBU, 1:54.23; 2-Rui Ewald, SU, 1:54.36; 3-Cori Bemis, SU, 1:57.97; 4-Matt Sprankle, CBU, 2:00.63; 5-Matt Oleson, SU, 2:03.50; 6-Ryan McDivitt, CBU, 2:05.56; 7-Thomas Gerstheimer, CBU, 2:21.47.

100 Freestyle: 1-Joseph Laughlin, SU, 48.16; 2-Jesse Shelton, SU, 48.74; 3-Rodney Pillman, CBU, 48.81; 4-Matt Berry, CBU, 48.83; 5-Josh Louvier, CBU, 49.02; 6-Ryan Denzer, SU, 49.47; 7-Gorab Nukucm CBU, 50.79.

200 Backstroke: 1-Felix Sutanto, CBU, 1:51.47; 2-Jonathon Bartsch, SU, 1:59.41; 3-Chris Forgie, SU, 2:02.21; 4-Jeffrey Foucrier, SU, 2:02.92; 5-Matt Sprankle, CBU, 2:04.57; 6-Bill Tollett, SU, 2:09.35; 7-Luke Roberts, CBU, 2:11.94.

500 Freestyle: 1-Sean Seaver, SU, 4:45.35; 2-Zach
Mueller, SU, 4:47.87; 3-Darren Netzley, CBU, 4:50.32; 4-Rui Ewald, SU, 4:51.67; 5-Bobby Eastman, CBU, 4:52.31; 6-Chris Lopez, CBU, 5:02.16; 7-Ben Newcomb, SU, 5:13.41; 8-Brian Roberts, CBU, 5:26.07.

200 Breaststroke: 1-Matt Oram, SU, 2:09.43; 2-Andy Hintz, CBU, 2:14.35; 3-Donald Hildwein, SU, 2:17.29; 4-Ryan McDivitt, CBU, 2:18.21; 5-Matt Heinz, CBU, 2:19.85; 6-Quinn Baker, SU, 2:28.18.

400 Free Relay: 1-Seattle University 'A': (Laughlin,
Denzer, Seaver, Shelton), 3:11.44; 2-Cal Baptist 'A': (Prasetyo, Louvier, Pillman, Berry), 3:11.64; 3-Seattle University 'B': (Bemis, Foucrier, Davis,
Mueller), 3:20.84; 4-CalBaptist 'B': (Eastman, Netzley, Roberts, Lopez), 3:22.03.

Team Scores:
Seattle University 111
Cal Baptist 94

400 Medley Relay:
1-Seattle 'A': (Caldwell, Cooper, Cuevas, Hansen), 4:15.60; 2-Cal Baptist 'A': (Ford, Berquist, Laanham, Eldridge), 4:17.80; 3-Cal Baptist 'B': (Ogden, Rucker, Migliazzo, Curran), 4:51.17.

1000 Freestyle: 1-Lyndsay Devaney, CBU, 10:42.51; 2-Megan Ackerman, SU, 10:46.91; 3-Kristin Johansing,
SU, 11:05.85; 4-Melanie Lentz, CBU, 11:44.75; 5-Christi Schori, CBU,11:55.65.

200 Freestyle: 1-Marion Gallagher, SU, 1:59.17; 2-Cat Fitzpatrick, CBU, 2:00.86; 3-Jennifer Caldwell, SU, 2:01.92; 4-Krista Machado, CBU, 2:03.58; 5-Rachel DiPasquale, SU, 2:03.67; 6-Cheryl Ogden, CBU, 2:04.90;
7-Krisi Rose, CBU, 2:20.50.

50 Freestyle: 1-Angie Hunter, CBU, 25.04; 2-Merceda Rivera, SU, 25.56; 3-Beth Bartlett, CBU, 25.92; 4-Jessica Wild, CBU, 26.29; 5-Elizabeth Hansen, SU, 26.50; 6-Lydia Woodall, SU, 27.31.

400 Ind. Medley: 1-Elise Fischbach, SU, 4:49.12; 2-Kristin Johansing, SU, 4:52.75; 3-Ryan Cooper, SU, 5:05.19; 4-Tawni Covington, CBU, 5:10.76; 5-Kim
Berqist, CBU, 5:22.24.

200 Butterfly: 1-Merceda Rivera, SU, 2:13.90; 2-Katherine Cuevas, SU, 2:18.89; 3-Lydia Woodall, SU, 2:24.17; 4-Melanie Lentz, CBU, 2:26.31; 5-Diana Lanham, CBU, 2:26.66.

100 Freestyle: 1-Jessica Wild, CBU, 54.23; 2-Marion Gallagher, SU, 54.74; 3-Cheryl Ogden, CBU, 56.37; 4-Beth Bartlett, CBU, 56.68; 5-Rachel DiPasquale, SU, 57.54; 6-Elizabeth Hansen, SU, 59.51.

200 Backstroke: 1-Elise Fischbach, SU, 2:12.12; 2-Shara Ford, CBU, 2:12.42; 3-Jennifer Caldwell, SU,. 2:15.06; 4-Katherin Cuevas, SU, 2:23.99; 5-Tawni Covington, CBU, 2:26.80; 6-Nichole Ogden, CBU, 2:29.17.

500 Freestyle: 1-Lyndsay Devaney, CBU, 5:16.79; 2-Megan
Ackerman, SU, 5:24.99; 3-Kristin Johansing, SU, 5:27.13; 4-cat Fitzpatrick, CBU, 5:31.09; 5-Nicole Hillwig, CBU, 5:41.36; 6-Christi Schori, CBU, 5:51.79; 7-Lydia Woodall, SU, 5:59.21.

200 Breaststroke: 1-Marion Gallagher, SU, 2:26.96; 2-Ryann Cooper, SU, 2:28.14; 3-Kim Berquist, CBU, 2:44.65; 4-Holly Curran, CBU, 2:48.44; 5-Amanda Rucker, CBU, 3:07.10.

400 Free Relay: 1-Cal Baptist 'A': (Eldridge, Fitzpatrick, Devaney, Wild), 3:42.96; 2-Seattle University 'A': (Fischbach, Ackerman, DiPasquale, Rivera), 3:43.73; 3-Cal Baptist 'B': (Hunter, Hillwig, Bartlett, Ogden), 3:59.77; 4-Cal Baptist "C": (Hillwig, Lentz, Lanham, Machado), 4:03.58.