Sarah Sjostrom Continues Road to Recovery With Tokyo in Her Sights

Photo Courtesy: Mine Kasapoglu/ISL

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Sarah Sjostrom is continuing her recovery after an elbow injury that required surgery just months before the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Sjostrom sustained the injury to her right elbow when she slipped on ice on her way to Reimersholme, south of Stockholm, in February and she was quickly transported to hospital where the fracture was diagnosed and she had surgery to repair the injury.

Now, she is continuing to prepare to defend her Olympic title in the 100 butterfly.


I’m slowly getting stronger. This is actually a good start for everyone who wants to learn how to do push ups, this is my level now! Next week I will try to take down the barbell one small step, if my elbow feels ok. And eventually I can do push-ups with my hands on the floor and feet elevated. 😉 But progression and patience is super important. First of all I need to learn how to push the same on both sides and keep the shoulders in place. Lost alot of muscle mass and strength on my right arm (4cm😬) and shoulder in the last 10 weeks, so that’s definitely a challenge,” Sarah Sjostrom posted on Instagram.

She hosted a question and answer session on Instagram and detailed that she has returned to the water for freestyle training but has not done any butterfly yet.

“Butterfly doesn’t work yet because I can’t press the same with both arms under water,” she said.

Sjostrom is determined to be ready for the Olympics.

“I know this injury won’t make it easy to get there, it’s not even easy without injuries…but a broken arm won’t stop me from trying my best!” she posted.

Team doctor Rene Tour said after the surgery: “I and everyone around Sarah in the team must have that goal. I also said yesterday that if there is anyone who can fix it, with the mental strength she has, it’s Sarah. It is important to regain maximum muscle strength. We are hopeful, all around Sarah.”

Of whether Sarah Sjostrom will be ready for the Olympics, Tour said:

“The question is of course extremely difficult to answer at the moment.

“It is not an optimal timing at the moment.

“The elbow affects the arm, one of the most important parts of her work, but the elbow joint is in place and stably fixed.

“Now it is important that the rehabilitation takes place successfully. We are very hopeful and it is of course the goal that she will return to the level she deserves.”


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