Samantha Lee Surges to Victory at New Zealand State Short Course Championships; Paralympic World Records Falls

WELLINGTON, New Zealand, September 29. THE stars were out at night during the first evening of the 2013 New Zealand State Short Course Championships held at the Wellington Regional Aquatic Center.

AquaBlack’s Samantha Lee dominated the women’s 200-meter fly, while London Olympians Matthew Stanley and Steven Kent went head-to-head in the men’s 200-meter freestyle. Meanwhile, Sophie Pascoe and Daniel Sharp turned in Paralympic world records.

Lee, who competed at the World Championships this summer for New Zealand, rolled to victory in the women’s 200-meter fly. Lee clocked a time of 2:12.08 after splitting a 1:03.15 at the halfway mark.

“I tried to go out fast with easy speed and then build from the 100m which I think I did,” said Lee. “After the world champs I had a week off and then I got thrown back into hard training with the rest of my squad so it was a hard couple of weeks adjusting back to training. I’m not quite back to full proper shape yet but I’m getting there slowly.”

Stanley powered past Kent in the final 25 meters to win the men’s 200-meter free in 1:44.98, just a second off the New Zealand record. Kent wound up second in 1:45.67.

“I’m pretty happy with how the race went and the time because I’ve only really been back in the water for a month and the training hasn’t really been too hard so it’s nice to come here and just blow the cobwebs off and do some tough racing,” said Stanley. “After this we will do a lot of base training and then we’ll be going to the Gold Coast in December to do a big training camp and then some racing.”

In Paralympic competition, Pascoe raced her way to a 35.14 in the women’s 50-meter breaststroke for a Paralympic global standard, while Sharp turned in a 1:05.16 to establish a global mark in the men’s 100-meter breaststroke.


Men 200m freestyle: Matt Stanley (Matamata) 1:44.98, 1; Steven Kent (Coast) 1:45.67, 2; Ewan Jackson (Howick Pakuranga) 1:47.43, 3.

AWD Multiclass: Daniel Holt (North Shore) 2:00.71, 1; Hamish McLean (Wanaka) 3:14.16, 2.

Women 50m breaststroke: Natasha Lloyd (North Canterbury) 31.69, 1; Bronagh Ryan (Porirua City) 32.31, 2; Katie Kenneally (QEII) 32.66, 3.

AWD Multiclass: Sophie Pascoe (QEII) 35.14, 1; Mary Fisher (Capital) 42.05, 2; Nikita Howarth (Cambridge) 42.09, 3.

Men 100m Backstroke: Kurt Crosland(Neptune) 52.28, 1; Matthew Stanley (Matamata) 52.61, 2; Daniel Bell (Aquabladz) 54.04, 3.

AWD Multiclass: Jesse Reynolds (Fairfield) 1:07.53, 1; Daniel Gaualofa (Bay of Islands) 1:10.46, 2; Christopher Arbuthnott (Ice Breaker) 1:19.00, 3.

Women 200m butterfly: Samantha Lee (Capital) 2:12.08, 1; Helena Gasson (Fairfield) 2:15.56, 2; Charlotte Webby (Aquabladz) 2:16.62, 3.

Men 100m breaststroke: Ben Walsh (Porirua) 1:01.05, 1; Crosland 1:01.19, 2; George Schroder (Aquagym) 1:01.44, 3.

AWD Multiclass: Daniel Sharp (Laser Mt Eden) 1:05.16, 1; Gaualofa 1:21.56, 2; Arbuthnott 1:26.76, 3.

Women 100m backstroke: Caroline Baddock (North Shore) 58.68, 1; Laura Quilter (North Shore) 59.21, 2; Rebekah Bradley (United) 1:01.01, 3.

AWD Multiclass: Fisher 1:21.10, 1; Emily Grace (St Pauls) 1:22.74, 2; Tupou Neiufi (Howick Pakuranga) 1:24.69, 3.

Men 100m butterfly: Samuel Perry (St Peters) 53.99, 1; Kent 54.08, 2; Bradlee Ashby (Fairfield) 54.10, 3.

AWD Multiclass: Reynolds 1:07.98, 1; Gaualofa 1:13.40, 2; Arbuthnott 1:15.29, 3.

Women 400m individual medley: Kate Godfrey (Neptune) 4:41.49, 1; Chloe Francis (North Shore) 4:43.52, 2; Tabitha Baumann (North Shore) 4:45.34, 3.