Ryan Lochte Summoned For Hearing By Rio Police

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

After being dropped by all four of his biggest corporate sponsors earlier this week, Ryan Lochte has been summoned by the Rio police to testify in Brazil as part of the investigation into the claims made the night of the alleged robbery.

Reports from Fox News cite Detective Clemente Braune stating that the prosecutors want Lochte to testify in from of Brazil’s Justice Department, however, there is no penalty if he fails to appear. If he chooses not to appear he will be unable to “engage in plea negotiations.”

Having returned to the United State before receiving notice to stay, Lochte has not participated in the police investigations since his original report. His fellow teammates (Jimmy Feigen, Gunnar Bentz, and Jack Conger) have, with Feigen also donating money to charity in negotiations for his passport and right to leave Brazil.

There have been no charges announced against Lochte as of right now with police expecting to concludes investigations this week.

According to reports from USA Today ,”The result of the case–including any charges–would be funneled through U.S. federal authorities, leaving open the possibility that Brazil could ask Lochte to be extradited if charges are filed.”

Lochte is still currently waiting to hear what the repercussions of his actions will be from USA Swimming and the United State Olympic Committee (USOC).

Read the full report from USA Today here

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6 years ago

How absurd. Rio police have so much more to care about than this silly episode.

6 years ago
Reply to  kirkola

I disagree. How do you know their priorities? Clarification is important, especially those who jump to assumptions (…), given BR’s current economic state and reliance on the tourism industry.

6 years ago

Give me a break already!!!!!! I am sure they have a few murderers, drug dealers, etc., etc…real robberies to investigate….give it up, Brasil!!!!

Saving Private Ryan
6 years ago

I suspect the Rio police already knew what had happened before they interviewed Lochte and Feigen. Anyone at the gas station, or hearing about it from someone who was there, would have immediately recognized the swimmers claiming to have been robbed the night before as the men at the gas station who had urinated on the grass, torn down the sign, and been forced to pay for it at gunpoint.

If just one person mentioned to one police officer, “I think those were the guys at the gas station,” then within a couple of phone calls the Rio police would have known the entire story. At which point they would have also realized they had the swimmers in a bind: If questioned they either had to own up to what they did, or lie and face an even bigger scandal.

When they interviewed Lochte and Feigen did they inform them that their statements were legally binding and they could face criminal prosecution as a result of even a small omission? Were they informed of their right to have an attorney present? Is it normal to force people to sign statements in such an impromptu interview? As far as I can tell, the interview was strictly voluntary. If so, it looks like entrapment to me. If not, then there should have been an attorney present protecting their interests.

There’s a reason citizens are granted rights, and informed of them, before being questioned by authorities in ways that might have legal ramifications. Even people who did something wrong have a right to having their interests represented by attorneys familiar with the legal system they are dealing with. That did not happen here. If it had, the outcome would have been very different.

I don’t know if under Brazilian law the manner in which the police collected signed statements from Lochte and Feigen and then used them against them was legal. If it was legal, then the USOC should have understood the legal system they were dealing with and taken steps to protect the interests of their swimmers before they ever spoke to the police.

6 years ago

Good heavens, Swimming World. Proofread this stuff before you publish it. (Unless, of course, you actually meant they wanted him to testify “in from of” the Justice Department.)

Carmen Lisa
6 years ago

This smell extorsion…what is wrong…..? Where is USA in here? …please they already said what they need to said…let it.go…..