Ryan Lochte Re-Tore Knee MCL Shortly Before Arena Grand Prix in Charlotte

NEW YORK CITY, New York, May 21. RYAN Lochte didn’t say much last week at the Arena Grand Prix in Charlotte about his withdrawal from competition at his home pool, leaving many to wonder how severe his knee injury was seven months after tearing the MCL in his left knee.

While attending an event at Macy’s in New York City Wednesday, Lochte gave reporters there a more specific reason why he couldn’t race in Charlotte: He had re-torn his MCL a couple of weeks ago, according to an article published today on the Women’s Wear Daily Website.

“But at least this time it was when I was swimming,” he said with a smile. “I was doing the breaststroke and I guess I just kicked too hard.”

The severity of the tear wasn’t specified, but Lochte’s first tear last November had him out of the water for more than a month. He competed at the Orlando and Mesa stops of the Arena Grand Prix earlier this year against doctor’s orders, and raced in the prelims of the 200 IM in Mesa where he raced breaststroke for the first time. With the USA Swimming nationals coming up in 76 days, rehab on the knee is likely to take priority over hard training.

Women’s Wear Daily article