Russian Swimming President Announces Vladimir Morozov Will Also Appeal Rio Ban

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Photo Courtesy: David Farr


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Vladimir Morozov will be filing an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), according to Russian media.

Yulia Efimova announced her plans to appeal on Monday. The two are among seven Russian swimmers who have been banned from the Rio Olympic Games after FINA complied with the conditions for Russian Olympic participation set forth by the International Olympic Committee.

Just yesterday, Morozov posted a letter on Facebook to FINA President Julio Maglione. In the note he plead his innocence, citing the five agencies which have drug tested him and never produced a positive test.

Today Vladimir Salnikov, the Russian Swimming Federation President, explained to TASS news (Russia’s state owned media) that the Federation believes the McLaren Report should be public. Morozov, Nikita Lobintsev, and Daria Ustinova have been banned from the Games because of the report, not due to a previous positive test.

Salnikov said, “Athletes have the right to sue.” He also added that claims filed with the CAS should be reviewed within 24 hours, when stating that Morozov will be appealing.

Salnikov also noted that Maglione has “expressed support for athletes.” Maglione had expressed his opinion that WADA exceeded its power.

Read more from Russia’s TASS news here.

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Hugh Ochsenschlager
5 years ago

Translation= “Russian Swimming President prepares bride for Morozov and Efimova appeal”

5 years ago

Quint Carr John Rittenhouse thoughts?