Russia Claims Free Combo Title; Overall Title at the 2007 FINA World Trophy Cup for Synchronized Swimming

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, October 14. RUSSIA won the second FINA Synchronized Swimming World Trophy, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from Oct. 12-14, revalidating the title obtained in the inaugural edition of this competition in 2006 in Moscow, Russia.

On the last day of the Rios rendezvous, Russia won the Free Combination event, totaling 99.000 points. At the end of the three days, and despite the silver medal in the team event on the second session, the Russians claimed the Trophy with an accumulated total of 296.333 points (addition of the scores obtained in the three events – duet, team and free combination). Anastasia Davydova and Anastasia Ermakova were first on Day 1 in the duet event.

Spain, in front of the overall ranking on Day 2 (when they won the gold in the team event), was third in the Free Combination but still finished second overall (295.000). In duet, Gemma Mengual and Andrea Fuentes had been silver medalists.

Team USA, third in duet and team and second in Free Combination, wound up third overall with a total of 291.334 points.

Medalists in Rio:
1. Anastasia Ermakova/Anastasia Davydova (RUS) 98.334
2. Gemma Mengual/Andrea Fuentes (ESP) 98.000
3. Christina Jones/Andrea Nott (USA) 96.666

1. Spain 99.667
2. Russia 99.000
3. USA 96.000

1. Russia 99.000
2. USA 98.667
3. Spain 97.333

Overall Ranking and Prize Money
After the three-day competition, the overall ranking and respective prize-money distribution of the second FINA Synchronized Swimming World Trophy is as follows:
1. RUS 296.333 US$ 50,000
2. ESP 295.000 US$ 30,000
3. USA 291.334 US$ 20,000
4. JPN 282.666 US$ 15,000
5. ITA 281.000 US$ 12,500
6. BRA 275.000 US$ 10,000
7. MEX 264.000 US$ 9,000
8. EGY 251.667 US$ 8,000

Special thanks to FINA for contributing this report.