Robin Dale Oen Sets Up Alexander Dale Oen Memorial Fund — The Dale Oen Experience

BERGEN, Norway, May 9. THE Norwegian Swimming Federation has released news that Alexander Dale Oen's brother, Robin, has followed through on original plans to create a fund with his brother to support children. The fund, now called the Dale Oen Experience, became a memorial to Alexander after his untimely passing earlier this month.

Robin sent out the following statement regarding the creation of the Dale Oen Experience:

Everywhere Alexander Dale Oen went he spread life and joy. That was his being – that was who he was.

To use his body and to explore and experience the beauty of nature was important to Alexander. That was where he found his inspiration.

Together with [me], Dale Oen Alexander was planning to launch The Dale Oen Experience – A fund to provide children and youth experiences of their lifetime. The desire was to inspire children to challenge themselves, find their capacity and see their own worth. The plan was that [we] would create The Dale Oen Experience after the Olympics in London 2012 and manage the fund together.

Now Alexander is not here anymore, but his message is still important. We wish through The Dale Oen Experience to allow Alexander to continue to spread life and joy to everyone he ever has, and everyone he is going to touch in the time to come.

Robin Dale Oen