Reports: Ryan Lochte Fabricated Robbery Story [UPDATED WITH VIDEO]



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According to multiple reports, including ABC News’ T.J. HolmesRyan Lochte fabricated the story that he was robbed at gunpoint early Sunday morning in Rio. Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz, both reportedly with Lochte at the time, admitted that the robbery story was “made up” to Rio police Thursday after being pulled off a plane back to the U.S. late Wednesday night.

Reports by CBS News state that the swimmers pushed on the door of an outside bathroom at a gas station in Barra da Tijuca and broke it after finding it locked. A security guard, who was “armed with a pistol,” confronted them but never took out his gun or pointed it at them. The manager used a customer to help translate, telling the swimmers that they had to pay for the broken door.

UPDATE No. 1: The Associated Press reports that two security guards did point guns at U.S. swimmers during the confrontation.

According to CBS the swimmers did pay the gas station owner a sum of money, but there are no confirmations as to the amount they gave him.

ABC News has released video footage of the four Olympic swimmers at a gas station in Barra da Tijuca. The video shows them coming out of the restroom and then getting into their cab.  The cab was then blocked from leaving while a security guard asked them to get out of their vehicle.  The rest of the video shows them sitting on the ground getting questioned.

Feigen, Bentz and Conger are all still currently in Brazil working with the authorities, while Lochte is back home in the United States.

UPDATE No. 2: Lochte’s attorney, Jeff Ostrow, told ESPN’s Wayne Drehs that he has not been contacted by authorities since Lochte gave his statement Sunday night.

“The authorities know how to get in touch with me. And we would cooperate,” Ostrow said. “But I haven’t heard from anyone.”

UPDATE No. 3: In a Thursday afternoon press conference, Rio police confirmed the report that there was no robbery. According to a translation from NBC’s Gadi Schwartz, the taxi driver confirmed that detail to police.

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7 years ago

So Lochte lied. And Feigen lied. But where and when did Conger and Bentz lie. Before being questioned by Rio police they made no comment about the incident that I’m aware of, or saw. Did I miss something, or are Conger and Bentz being maligned for a lie they didn’t tell?

7 years ago
Reply to  SwimGuy

Apparently so, Conger and Bentz are being malinged. As far as I was concerned, it was all Lochte who did the talking. I’m not even sure if Conger or Bentz said anything up to this point.

Loretta Woodson
7 years ago

That’s while it’s called guilty by association.
They should have told the truth when they saw it on the news or in the media like everyone else but now look who is stuck in RIO.
People go to prison everyday from guilty by association.

7 years ago

Agree Loretta……by their silence they confirmed the lie.

7 years ago

Hope they have lawyered up because the ride seems like it’s going to get bumpy in a hurry, especially because most of the rest of the world doesn’t really believe in that whole due process thing.

7 years ago

David –

Wait and write the story of this incident when the facts are clearer.

Daniel A Gately
7 years ago

Dear Ryan Lochte, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz are contradicting you and likely telling the story they wished they told earlier. Not only are you digging a personal public relation’s grave for yourself but appear to willingly drag the youngest swimmers who use to look up to you into your grave. Be a real man, tell the real truth (aka no bullsh#t) and stand up enough to help Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz salvage their reputations!!! And if you do stand up for Jack and Gunnar, let’s not forget the gas station attendants, security officers and Rio de Janeiro for overdue and welcomed apologies!!

7 years ago

Alternately, the new stories are so identical that it causes one to think coverup.