Reports from Down Under Indicate Thorpe Will be Cleared

MELBOURNE, Australia, April 5. ACCORDING to several reports from Australia, including one in the Brisbane Times, Ian Thorpe will soon be cleared over the doping allegations that were brought about during last week's World Championships.

In a drug test last year, Thorpe's sample showed higher-than-normal levels of testosterone and luteinizing hormone, both produced naturally by the body. But, because his levels were considered to be an adverse analytical finding, FINA opted to appeal to the Court for Abritration of Sport to look into the case. Reports from Australia indicate that Thorpe will be cleared because there is not strong enough evidence to suggest that Thorpe pursued a path that would raise those levels through illegal means. Rather, it is likely that his body naturally produced higher levels of the hormones in question.

It's not unusual for testosterone and luteinizing hormone to read higher on occasion, simply due to the way the body works. Officials close to the case have indicated, according to the reports from Down Under, that Thorpe only needs to provide a legitimate reason for why his levels were a bit higher than normal.

The proof can be as simple as medical records that provide an explanation, and Thorpe's doctors are working on providing a medical history to the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority. For instance, if Thorpe was taking a medication for a sickness, the prescription he was on could have altered his testosterone and luteinizing hormone levels.

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