Relive the NCAAs: Swimmers of the Meet

PHOENIX, Arizona, March 27. YESTERDAY, we looked at interviews with triumphant coaches from the NCAA meets. Today, we are reliving the Swimmers of the Meets at the NCAA Championships. The past two weeks has seen an amazing amount of fast swimming at the NCAA level, across all three divisions, and only SwimmingWorld.TV was at all four championships meets! Here's a look at interviews with the Swimmers of the Meets!

California's Tom Shields

California's Caitlin Leverenz

Williams' Logan Todhunter

Southern Connecticut's Amanda Thomas

Kenyon's Zachary Turk and Wingate's Iaroslav Denysenko were never made available to the media for comment.

In terms of video interviewers, we had Tiffany Elias at the NCAA Division I Women's Championships in Auburn, Ala.; Jeff Commings at the NCAA Division II Championships in Mansfield, Texas; Mike Stott and Peter Busch at the NCAA Division I Men's Championships in Federal Way, Wash., and Zach Laffin at the NCAA Division III Championships in Indianapolis.

During the past two weeks, we managed to conduct and produce 160 interviews for our rapid viewing audience. We appreciate all of the student-athletes, coaches, and media relations personnel for making this possible!

Head to each individual landing page to relive all the recaps, results and interviews from the meets!

NCAA Division I Women's Championships (56)

NCAA Division I Men's Championships (52)

NCAA Division II Championships (31)

NCAA Division III Championships (21)