Ranomi Kromowidjojo Hails Healthcare Heroes & Urges Fans To Fight Coronavirus With Strict Hygiene Protocol

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Ranomi Kromowidjojo, the Dutch double Olympic sprint champion of London 2012, has urged her fans and nation to help fight the coronavirus (COVID-19) by making “sensible choices” and embracing “drastic measures” to help keep grandparents and the vulnerable alive and well.

In a moving note posted on her social-media accounts as the Dutch Swim Cups and Olympic qualifiers were cancelled, Kromowidjojo asks “who should decide who should and shouldn’t live”, paints a picture of the strict hygiene measures she is taking, praises the “our heroes who work in healthcare” just before she hears the news that her training based has been shut down as she writes.

Kromowidjojo, partner of Olympic swim marathon champion and teammate Ferry Weertman, reveals that local pool closures means that she and teammates will travel to a training venue in The Netherlands “with guaranteed safety hygiene etc, indefinitely, so that we can continue to train hard for our Great Olympic Dream for the time being”.

Featured on the cover of Swimming World last month, Kromowidjojo, the Olympic gold medallist over 50m and 100m freestyle for The Netherlands at London 2012 and winner of 78 international medals, topped by 40 golds, for her country, writes:

Swimming World February 2020 Cover - Ranomi KromowidjojoUnfortunately it has been decided that the swim Cups / OKT in The Hague and Eindhoven will be canceled next month. This means we don’t have an OS qualification in April.

This also means that the Ranomi Cup in The Hague will not take place in April.

At the moment it is difficult to say what will happen in the coming weeks, months. In the sporting field this is of course super small, but this goes much further. As individuals we also have the responsibility for the elderly and “weak” in our society.

This virus is spreading. We can try to inhibit the spread as hard as possible. Drastic measures are needed to prevent hospitals / ICs from filling up across the whole of the Netherlands. After all, who should decide who should and shouldn’t live?

Grandpa and grandma with pneumonia. Or my dad who needs eye surgery. Or my brother who had a car accident?

For the time being, I can continue to train in the Tongelreep pool. In addition to the strict hygiene protocol (washing and disinfecting hands, not cuddling etc, etc), the measures are very strict.

For example, we can no longer use the changing rooms, take a shower at home, we have a separate room for land training exercises and we also have to change clothes, keep away from each other and no (minimal) contact with others …

Once again, a big Shout Out and respect to our heroes who work in healthcare! Let’s hope that all of us will make sensible choices in the coming weeks and stay healthy as much as possible.

**** BREAKING **** At the moment I want to post this message, we have a scheduled team meeting. The Tongelreep pool is immediately closed and there is uncertainty whether it can be opened for us and for how long. The situation in Brabant is also uncertain. From tomorrow we go internally to a training camp with guaranteed safety hygiene etc indefinitely so that we can continue to train hard for our Great Olympic Dream for the time being 🙏🏽🧡🙏🏽”

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Lieve mensen, Helaas is Besloten dat de swim Cups / OKT in Den Haag en Eindhoven volgende maand komen te vervallen. Dit betekent dat wij geen OS kwalificatie in April hebben. Ook betekent dit dat de Ranomi Cup in Den Haag in april niet doorgaat. Op dit moment is het moeilijk te zeggen wat er in de komende weken, maanden gaat gebeuren. Op sportief gebied is dit natuurlijk super kl*te, maar dit gaat veel verder. Als individu hebben we ook de verantwoordelijkheid voor de ouderen in onze samenleving. Dat virus verspreidt zich wel. Wij kunnen proberen om de verspreiding zo hard mogelijk te remmen. Drastische maatregelen zijn nodig om te voorkomen dat in heel Nederland de ziekenhuizen / IC vol raken. Want wie moet er dan beslissen wie wel en wie niet mag blijven leven? Opa en oma met een longontsteking. Of m’n vader die een oogoperatie nodig heeft. Of m’n broer die een auto ongeluk heeft gehad? Vooralsnog mag ik blijven trainen in de Tongelreep. Bovenop het strenge hygiëne protocol (handen wassen en desinfecteren, niet knuffelen etc etc) zijn de maatregelen erg verscherpt. Zo mogen we niet meer gebruik maken van de kleedkamers, thuis douchen, hebben we een aparte ruimte voor landtraining oefeningen en daar moeten we ook omkleden, afstand houden van elkaar en geen (zo min mogelijk) contact met anderen. Heeft iemand wel eens gezegd denk NIET aan een blauwe olifant? Nou…. ik kom er nu wel achter hoevaak ik even aan m’n gezicht zit…. echt nu niet doen! Bij deze nogmaals een dikke Shout Out en respect naar onze helden die in de zorg werken! Laten we hopen dat we met z’n allen verstandige keuzes maken komende weken en zoveel mogelijk gezond blijven 🙏🏽 **** BREAKING**** Op het moment dat ik dit bericht wil posten hebben we een ingelaste teammeeting. De Tongelreep is per direct gesloten en er is onzekerheid of het voor ons geopend kan worden en voor hoe lang. Ook de situatie in Brabant is onzeker. Per morgen gaan we intern op trainingskamp met gegarandeerde veiligheid hygiëne etc voor onbepaalde tijd zodat we voorlopig nog keihard kunnen blijven trainen voor onze Grote Olympische Droom 🙏🏽🧡🙏🏽

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Extraordinary Events In Swimming History:

Australia, China, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Brazil and Japan have all had major meets affected by the coronavirus pandemic, while in the United States, the NCAA Championships have been cancelled and USA Swimming has imposed a 30-day suspension on all events, while Canada is considering what to do about its Olympic trials early next month. In Italy, where swimmers are struggling to maintain normal routines, can’t get to practice and in some cases find pool time, a #stopolympics campaign was launched by the Nuoto website calling on solidarity among swimming nations to recognise that Olympic preparations have been blown off course and that it would be in the interests of fairness to postpone the Games for a time of calm beyond the coronavirus crisis. 

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