Swimming World Magazine September 2015 Issue – Print Edition



Swimming World Magazine September 2015 Issue

In this issue: FEATURES 010 HAPPY (SWIMMING) NEW YEAR! by Annie Grevers Here are three out-of-water resolutions to make you better in the water: a champion’s warm-up, a champion’s diet and a champion’s mentality. 014 TRANSITIONING TO COLLEGE by Michael J. Stott Adjusting to college swimming is a challenge for any incoming freshman. With the need to balance academics, athletic obligations and a social life, time management becomes incredibly important. 016 CARMEL: GREATEST GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL TEAM EVER? by Annie Grevers For the fourth time in five years, Carmel High School reigns as Swimming World Magazine’s girls’ national high school champions. This also marks the ninth time that its girls have been dubbed public school champs since winning their first title in 1995. 020 A CHAMPIONSHIP SENDOFF by Annie Grevers In Sergio Lopez’s last season as head coach of the Bolles School, his boys’ team responded by winning the school’s sixth Swimming World Magazine boys’ national high school team title. 025 WHAT WE LEARNED FROM KAZAN RUSSIA 2015 by Jeff Commings This year’s World Championships had both breakout performances as well as subpar showings, but the main lesson learned from this year’s World Championships in Kazan is that what really matters is next year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. 029 LEARN HOW TO SWIM by Jeff Commings and Annie Grevers Drowning is the No. 1 cause of death in children under 5, which has led people worldwide to acknowledge a growing need for swim schools. Swimming World Magazine takes a look at the business side  of running a swim school and explores the importance of its curriculum. 033 ASCA EDUCATES THE WORLD by Chuck Warner The ASCA education program reaches coaches from countries as far as China, Brazil, Kenya, India, Tunisia and South Africa to provide ASCA course work and put the content of coaching into practical context. TRAINING 036 CROSSWIM TRAINING by Shoshanna Rutemiller In an effort to sidestep swimmer burnout, Jonny Tunstall—1996 200 breaststroke British national champion, Arizona State University men’s swimming alumnus and associate head coach at Sun Devil Masters in Tempe, Ariz.—created an hour-long workout that combines high-intensity interval training, swimming, running, calisthenics and other related exercises. COACHING 008 LESSONS WITH THE LEGENDS: DERYK SNELLING by Michael J. Stott 034 SWIMMING TECHNIQUE MISCONCEPTIONS: MAXIMUM VELOCITY by Rod Havriluk The articles of the previous two months (July and August) addressed the technique misconceptions of hull length and hull speed. Examination of these boat-design concepts indicates that they are not applicable to human swimming. This month’s article examines the related misconception “that humans are approaching the limit to freestyle swimming performance.” 039 Q&A WITH COACH GREG RHODENBAUGH by Michael J. Stott 041 HOW THEY TRAIN SAM TIERNEY by Michael J. Stott JUNIOR SWIMMER 043 UP & COMERS COLUMNS 006 A Voice for the SportSport 044 Gutter Talk 046 Parting Shot