Swimming World Magazine November 2015 Issue – Print Edition



Swimming World Magazine November 2015 Issue

In this issue: FEATURES 016 TOP 9 OLYMPIC UPSETS: #9 IRON MIKE by Chuck Warner Beginning with this issue and running through July 2016—a month before the start of the Olympic swimming events in Rio on Aug.  6—Swimming World Magazine will bring you its top 9 upsets in the individual events in Olympic history—in particular, in the last 50 years. 018 2015 OPEN WATER SWIMMERS OF THE YEAR by Steven Munatones With impressive performances in the 10K marathon swim this past summer at theFINA World Championships in Kazan, 2015 Open Water Swimmers of the Year Aurélie Muller and Jordan Wilimovsky now have their sights sets on Rio. 021 MEMORABLE OPEN WATER MOMENTS OF 2015 by Jeff Commings Swimming World presents this year’s five biggest open water stories. 023 AT RISK IN RIO? by Annie Grevers With less than a year away from the 2016 Olympics, there is still concern for the safety of athletes who will be competing in the  waters off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. 026 THE ULTIMATE COMPETITOR by Annie Grevers A successful pool swimmer, American Haley Anderson has also become one of the world’s most decorated and most consistent  open water athletes. Since winning an Olympic 10K silver medal in 2012, she took the world title in the 5K in 2013 and struck gold in the 10K at Pan-Pacs in 2014. This past summer, she reclaimed gold in the 5K at Worlds and also qualified as the first female member of the 2016 U.S. Olympic team. 030 RCP TIBURON MILE by Steven Munatones With the ebb tide the strongest it’s been in the history of the race, Jordan Wilimovsky and Ashley Twichell successfully battled the conditions to win the RCP Tiburon Mile. COACHING 010 LESSONS WITH THE LEGENDS: JIM MONTRELLA by Michael J. Stott 012 SWIMMING TECHNIQUE MISCONCEPTIONS: ARM COORDINATION (Part I of II) by Rod Havriluk In the first of a two-part series, Dr. Havriluk explains how the typical arm coordination (based on conventional wisdom) limits velocity and how a unique arm coordination can result in much faster swimming. 038 STREAMLINES & BREAKOUTS: A PREREQUISITE FOR SPEED by Michael J. Stott 042 Q&A WITH COACH ADAM CROSSEN by Michael J. Stott 043 HOW THEY TRAIN OWEN KAO by Michael J. Stott TRAINING 045 DRYSIDE TRAINING: ON-LAND SWIM STROKE MOVEMENTS—BUTTERFLY by J.R. Rosania JUNIOR SWIMMER 014 GOLDMINDS: THE LANGUAGE OF THE LANES by Wayne Goldsmith 048 UP & COMERS COLUMNS & SPECIAL SECTIONS 008 A VOICE FOR THE SPORT 032 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 046 GUTTER TALK 049 PARTING SHOT ON THE COVER During the 2015 summer season, there was no one as technically perfect and strategically savvy as the USA’s Jordan Wilimovsky, who was named Swimming World Magazine’s Male Open Water Swimmer of the Year. The 21-year-old handily beat deeply talented fields in the 10K marathon swims at both the USA Swimming national champions and at the FINA World Championships. Then in September, he added the RCP Tiburon Mile title to his list of accomplishments. (See stories, pages 18, 21 and 30.) [PHOTO BY ELLIOT KARLAN]Sport 044 Gutter Talk 046 Parting Shot