Swimming World Magazine October 2015 Issue – Print Edition



Swimming World Magazine October 2015 Issue

In this issue: FEATURES 009 NO WORRIES! by Jeff Commings Despite opinions to the contrary, Frank Busch, the national team director of USA Swimming, is confident that the Americans should continue their history of success at next year’s Olympics. 012 STUCK! by Michael J. Stott Older swimmers, seniors through Masters, address stagnant performance on a routine basis. But what about younger athletes? Swimming World asked some veteran coaches how they help 12-and-unders navigate the perils of age group plateaus. 014 “IT’S JUST SWIMMING…” by Annie Grevers Eighteen-year-old Katie McLaughlin shows that her laid-back approach to the sport she loves can breed some serious speed! 018 SUMMER TAKEAWAYS by Jeff Commings This summer’s meets offered us many refreshing details about the global state of swimming leading into the 2016 Olympics, mostly showing us that the world’s best are coming from virtually every corner of the globe. 026 COUNTING HER BLESSINGS by Annie Grevers October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Swimmer Kayla Redig was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 24. Now 27, cancer survivor Kayla is helping countless others by sharing her own experiences through her blog, a documentary to be released next spring and through numerous articles that have been written about her. COACHING 010 LESSONS WITH THE LEGENDS: BOB GILLETT by Michael J. Stott 030 SWIMMING TECHNIQUE MISCONCEPTIONS: PROPULSION by Rod Havriluk A number of sources have stressed the importance of minimizing resistance to swim faster. An increase in propulsion may, however, be an even more important key to swimming faster. This article explains how one of the world’s fastest sprinters can adjust a critical technique limitation to increase propulsion and swim much faster. 042 Q&A WITH COACH JAMIE RUDISILL by Michael J. Stott 043 HOW THEY TRAIN VICTOR POLYAKOV by Michael J. Stott JUNIOR SWIMMER 032 GOLDMINDS: 30 POINTS TO POP YOUR PERFORMANCE PLATEAU by Wayne Goldsmith 045 UP & COMERS COLUMNS & SPECIAL SECTIONS 008 A Voice for the Sport 021 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 035 PREP SCHOOL DIRECTORY 046 Gutter Talk 048 Parting ShotSport 044 Gutter Talk 046 Parting Shot