SWIM Magazine September 1994


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Your Views

Readers’ Letters


Editor’s Note

By Phillip Whitten


Health Waves

Getting Started—Again by Jim Miller, M.D.


Swim for Fitness

Which Way to the Training Zone? By Terry Laughlin. Real Men are Upright, Too by Lynda Huey.


Evolution of a Masters Swimmer

By Barbara S. Rudin


Personal Best

An Interview with Andrew Young by Guy W. Garrett.


Working Out

Back to Breast Turn by Bobby Patten Stretching by Marty Hull.








How Old Are You Really?

By John Poppy. Birthdays don’t count. Your biological age says much more about how well you’re aging.


Swimmer’s High

By Robert Ross. The sight, sound and feel of water tugs gen- tly at our inner selves.


Big Clubs

By Scott Rabalais. Secrets of success for some of the nation’s biggest swim clubs.


Montreal Rendez-Vous

By Ted Wathen. More than 3,500 swimmers showed up at World Championships for fun, fitness and competition.