SWIM Magazine November 2003


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A Reversal of Fortune

By Kari Lydersen. Although most swimmers first swim in the pool and may switch to open water swimming later, Suzanne Heim-Bowen reversed that trend. It wasn’t until she was in her mid -30s that she took up pool swimming, where she is now turning in lifetime bests.


A Tale of Two Swimmers
There’s so much more to a Masters national championships than winning and setting records, as evidenced by the stories of two swimmers, Karen Einsidler and Richard Benson.


Phelps vs. Spitz: Who Is the Greatest?

By John Craig. There are so many different ways of comparing greatness, and only time will tell who will be remembered as the greatest swimmer ever: Michael Phelps or Mark Spitz.


Rough Water, Indeed!

By Lollie Groth. Less than 40 percent of the swimmers who started the Waikiki Roughwater Swim in Hawaii finished the race due to the strongest currents in 34 years.


Thirteen World Records!

Those who participated in this summer’s IGLA Championships experienced a fantastic weekend of aquatics and fun, not to mention some very fast swimming.