SWIM Magazine September 2003


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A Leader by Example

By Tito Morales. Michael Collins, head coach of the Irvine Novaquatic Masters, is a guy who can practice what he preaches—he has an illustrious track record as both a coach and an elite athlete.


Fun in the Desert Sun

By Richard Benson. There was much more than swimming goin’ on at the recent 2003 Short Course Nationals in Tempe, Ariz.—there were people to see, places to go and things to do!


Ordinary People

By Rita Egan. Masters swimming is not just for the elite swimmer. It’s for ordinary people, too—even if you don’t look anything like most of the folks in SWIM Magazine nor come close to doing a demanding workout.


The Three F’s of Swimming

By Doug Stern. Becoming a better swimmer requires three F’s: focus, flow and flexibility.


Stroke to Recovery

By Sylvia Pannell. If you or someone you know have had a stroke, there is hope. The secret to success is determination, persistence and a pool of water.