SWIM Magazine March 2003


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How They Swim: Kerry O’Brien

For years, Kerry O’Brien of the Walnut Creek Masters has been among U.S. Masters Swimming’s outstanding coaches and swimmers.


Power -up Your Swimming with Yoga

By Darlene Azure. Power Yoga is being used more and more by elite as well as Masters swimmers to maintain strength and flexibility through the full range of body motion.


Water Yoga

By Jill Coleman. WaterYoga is traditional yoga, adapted to water. There are many benefits, including improved flexibility, posture, energy, balance, lung capacity and control; relief from soreness and stiffness; and greater understanding of how the body works.


The RCP Tiburon Mile: A Celebration of Swimming

By Chris Thompson. This past October, the tiny seaside town of Tiburon, Calif., once again became the focal point for what has be- come one of the nation’s most competitive and challenging open water races.