SWIM Magazine September 2002


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Just Add Water




Making Masters Fun


Health Waves


Swim for Fitness


Driven to SWIM


Taken to (Swim) School by Frank Geck


Why I Swim by Ron Johnson


Book Review: “Dover Solo”


Working Out


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On the Market




Amazing Journey

By Bill Volckening. Triathlete Karen Smyers has not only endured numerous grueling Ironman Triathlons, but she has overcome an astonishing series of setbacks and has emerged a more resilient competitor.


Energy, Exercise and an Iron Will

By Bruce Lowiu. Despite setbacks and adversity, not to mention a left leg five inches shorter than his right, swimmer Konrad Euler, 67, truly is one of the more remarkable competitors in all of open water swimming.


Swifter, Higher, Stronger

By Michael Stott. Paralympian Beth Scott, 28, has been blind since birth and was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Yet her never say quit attitude toward life exemplifies the true meaning of the Olympic motto, “Citius, Aldus, Fortius.”


Strength Training for Masters: Worth the Weight

By J.R. Rosania. As we grow older, we need to consider adding strength training to our overall program rather than swimming longer or harder. Strength training will not only make you stronger, but it will increase your lean muscle mass, and help you swim faster as well.