SWIM Magazine September 1998


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Head to Head

Rivalries in Masters Swimming by Susan Ludwig.



Changes for the Better by Cindy Carroll, M.S., R.D.


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Adventure in North Africa

By Nancy Ridout and Phillip Whitten. At the 7th FINA World Masters Swimming Championships in Morocco, swimmers had to take the good with the bad, but they left with unforgettable memories.


Planning Your Best Season Ever!

By Clark Campbell. Whether you swim for fitness or swim to compete, you can still be an accomplished swimmer—even if you don’t have access to a coach or team.


Public Enemy No. 1

By A.D.H. Malone. Pity the poor soul who must swim laps at a public pool. This article, however, offers some pointers to help with such a perilous plight.


Swimming and Body Fat

By Phillip Whitten. Too much body fat is a serious health risk, but swimming is one of the best ways to combat the problem.