SWIM Magazine September 1997


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Minding Masters


Reviews – Book, Video, Software Health Waves


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Team Spotlight: The Olympic Club


Working Out

Pace Clock Math 101 by Scott Rabalais. Training for the 200 Fly.






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Where to Swim When You’re on the Road

By Jeff Bliss. Whether you’re training for races, or you’re just into swimming for fitness, health and/or fun, SWIM shows you where you can swim at 11 of the most popular travel destinations in the United States.


Master the Possibilities!

By Donnie Webb. If there is a common denominator for swimming Masters, it is that the reasons are often intensely personal. SWIM looks at the stories of four extraordinary Masters swimmers.


Scenic Swimming

By Paul Windrath. In addition to the excellent swimming which saw 38 world records, the Pan Pacific Masters Championships provided an opportunity to establish friendships that crossed international borders.


A Question of Balance

By Emmett Hines. Just as balance is important on land so that we can stand safely without fear of falling, so is aquatic balance fundamental to efficient swimming.