SWIM Magazine September 1996


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Editor’s Note


Just Add Water


USMS Notes


Health Waves

Protein Power by Cindy Carroll, M.S., RD.


Swim for Fitness

The ABCs of Energy Systems by Judy Bonning.


Team Spotlight

The Montgomery Ancient Mariners.


Working Out

No Kidding Around Going Stroke for Stroke with Young Swimmers.


SWALK Entry Form


Masters Speak




On theMarket




Swimming in Cyberspace

By Emmett Hines. An exploration and explanation of computer on-line services including e-mail, newsgroups, websites and where to look for lots of great swimming information.


Live! from Atlanta: The 1996 Olympic Games 

By Phillip Whitten and Brady Bingham. SWIM is on deck at the Olympic Games bringing you first-hand reporting from Atlanta.


Swimming from Coast to Coast

In ocean, lake and river, Masters swimmers increasingly are taking to the open water. Presented here are three successful events, each growing in popularity.


Simply Smashing

By Craig Lord. A total of 72 individual and three relay world records were set during the World Masters Swimming Championships held at the Ponds Forge pool in Sheffield, England.