SWIM Magazine July 1996


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Your Views 


Editor’s Note


USMS Notes


Swim Shopper 


Health Waves 


Swim for Fitness 

The Slippery Swimmer Godspeed: The Gail Devers Story


USS &USMS Growing Together 


Legend of the Hall: Ardeth Mueller & Ray Raft 


Working Out 

Tarzan Drill. Swimming Golf.


Long Course Events & Tips 


Master Speak 






Olympic Preview 

By Phillip Whitten. An insider’s guide to Olympic Swimming analyses each event, picking the likely medalists and possible dark horses.


An Unlikely Goodwill Ambassador 

By Phillip Whitten. Dagbovi Senakwami, a 30-year-old choir conductor, has earned a berth in Olympic Swimming, becoming the first Olympian from the small African nation of Tongo.


Panning for Gold 

By Carol Olson and Judy Kennedy. A review of the 1996 USMS Short Course National Championships, highlighted by a tribute to legendary coach, James Doc” Counsilman.


The Olympic Experience 

By Scott Rabalais. Part two of our series celebrating a few of the Olympic swimming heroes of yesteryear now participating in Masters. This issue: The men.