SWIM Magazine March 1994


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Your Views

Readers’ Letters


Editor’s Note

By Phillip Whitten


Health Waves

The Right Stuff. By David Costill, Ph.D. Finding Joy in the Water by Lynda Huey.


Swim For Fitness

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics by Terry Laughlin. Quick -Twitch Heaven
by Dan Thompson


Working Out

The ButterStruggle by Emmett Hines. Stress Management by Dave Samuelsohn. The Breaststroke Turn by John Moffet.








Pre -Race Nutrition

By Katherine Nichols. How some of the stars eat and a look at four main functions of pre -event nourishment.


Swimming in Bethlehem

By Cecil Colwin. No, not in the Holy Land. But, in a place where learning to swim was a growth experience.


Escape from Alcatraz

By Christopher Kelly. From the famous prison and the chilly waters that surround it comes a tradition -filled triathlon.


Solve the Controversy!

By Philip Whitten. Are drugs or hard work the reason behind China’s success in women’s swimming? How to resolve the question.