SWIM Magazine September 1993


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By Scott Rabalais


Empowering Asthmatics

By Nancy Hogshead. How can you swim with asthma? An Olympic swim champ lists 10 steps to stay symptom – free.


Personal Best: A SWIM Interview with Paula Zahn

By Phil Whitten


Working Out


On Deck


Swimming in the Flume

By Kevin Polansky


Aging & Swimming Faster

By Jane A. Moore, M.D., and Hugh C. Moore


Calendar of Events


Masters Swimmers: 20 Question Profile


Acclimating to Cold Water

By Diddo Clark


Your Views




Minding Masters

By Dorothy Donnelly


Health Waves:

Frequent Meals Lower Cholesterol; Time Zone Travel Affects Performance; New Wave Aerobics; Massage: It’s Nice to be Kneaded.


Lane Lines
Br Dan Gruender


Book Reviews


Master Speak
What’s the biggest change you’ve experienced since you started Masters swimming?


The Contributors


The Aqua Advantage

By Katherine Nichols. Why swimmers can run but runners can’t swim.


One More (Workout) for the Road
By Lynn Narlesky. Away on a business trip? Now you don’t have to miss a workout. Here is SWIM’S list of hotels that cater to swimmers in U.S. cities.


Fishing in the Pool

By Rachel Goldeen. From Atlanta to San Francisco, swimmers are finding their soul mates between the lane lines.