SWIM Magazine March 1993


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The Value of Rest In Your Training

SCAQ Workout


My Story by Pablo Morales

In a SWIM Magazine exclusive, Olympic hero Pablo Morales outlines the story of his stirring comeback—from the decision to attempt it to striking Olympic gold.


Personal Best : An Interview with Trischa Zorn

By Kim A. Hansen


The Dream Drill

By Scott Rabalais


Coaches Corner
By Don Mehl, Chairman. USMS Coaches Committee.


Expert Advice: Treating Chronic Back Pain
By Robert G. Watkins,M.D. and David R.Campbell,M.D.


Video Review: Moving Through Water
By Laura Kessler


If You Were to Tell Your Swimmers One Thing, It Would


Calendar of Events


Short Course Nationals


Your Views


Editor’s Letter




Health Waves



By Linda Houtkooper



By Terry Laughlin


Question Man

What Masters Swimming accomplishment are you most proud of?


The Lighter Side of Swimming


Skip Kenney: Architect of Pablo’s Comeback

By Kirk D. Decter Problem: Take an “older,” out -of -shape, retired swimmer and transform him into an Olympic champion in just 11 months?


To Carbo-Load or Not to Carbo-Load?

By Phillip Whitten. Lotsa pasta is good for you, right? Maybe not. Dr. Barry Sears, devel- oper of a new nutritional theory, challenges the conventional wisdom. What’s more, his ideas seem to work!


Swimming for Speed
By Matt Jones. In a speed -dominated sport, a good start, turn and finish are essential.