SWIM Magazine March 1992


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Performance vs. Prevention

By Dr. George Sheehan


Goal Setting

By Terry Laughlin


Rowdy Gaines

By Cindy Luis


Protein Power

By Linda Houtkooper, Ph.D. , R.D.


A Matter of Style

By Richard Deal, Publisher


From the President

By Dan Gruender


From the Executive Secretary

By Dorothy Donnelly Health Waves


U.S.M.S. News


Distance Conversions

By Lucky Meisenheimer, M.D.


USMS Coach’s Corner


Abdominal Training

By Morty Berger


U.S. Water Fitness

By John Spannuth


The Question Man


Get Your Back Up!

By Bill Earley


USMS Short Course Nationals Entry Form


Calendar of Events


Video and Book Reviews