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April 2021 Swimming World Table of Contents

On the Cover: Lilly King

Swimming World Magazine April Features
Personality Feature: Lilly King
Olympic Diving Preview
Men’s & Women’s NJCAA College Championships Preview
Masters Swimming: The Impact of COVID-19
ISHOF Feature: The Greatest of their Generation—Johnny Weissmuller and Charles Robert Drew
ISHOF: Did You Know: About The Story of the Aumakua?
Takeoff to Tokyo: Sprint Tsar—Alexander Popov


Hands-On/How To
Training Strategy: Maximizing Turning Speed
Dryside Training: Pushing Power
Technique Concepts: Applying Mechanical Principles to Improve Technique
Goldminds: Learn How to Be a Racer

Fueling for Competition: The “Cherry on Top!”

More Features
Q&A with Coach Megan Oesting of SwimMAC Carolina
How They Train SwimMAC Carolina’s Diggory Dillingham
Dads on Deck with Amy Bilquist’s Dad, Brent Bilquist—Tips for Parents
Up & Comers: Daniel Diehl
Parting Shot


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