Poll of the Week: Should USA Swimming Recruit High Schoolers to Turn Pro?

PHOENIX, Arizona, February 1. RECENTLY, the national team head coach for Swimming Australia, Leigh Nugent, announced heavy restrictions on swimmers using social media during official team functions. The new policy came from the findings in a review panel that said national team camaraderie was hindered by swimmers focusing too much on social media and not on team bonding. We asked you if you thought the policy was a good thing, and 59.56 percent said yes, while 40.44 percent said no. In the days since the policy was put in effect, swimmers such as Alicia Coutts have spoken out in favor of the new restrictions.

Now on to our new poll, and the revelation this week that two swimmers are asking USA Swimming to honor its commitment to them when Mark Schubert convinced them to forego college for a professional career four years ago. Dagny Knutson and Kate Ziegler were promised financial support through 2016 by Schubert, though Knutson later stated that she would have had to post world-ranked times in 2012 in order to keep the funding. Knutson took time off in 2012 to treat an eating disorder, and has since retired. Ziegler is still competing, having relocated to her hometown in Maryland.

(Editor's Note: Ziegler was only promised financial support through 2012.)

Our poll question this week wants to know if you think USA Swimming should actively pursue high school swimmers and convince them to become professional swimmers instead of competing in college? Just go to our poll on our home page at swimmingworld.com and place your voted. We'll bring you the results on next Friday's show.