Peter Davis Receives Paragon Award For Aquatic Safety (VIDEO)

Peter-Davis-Aquatic Safety
Peter Davis at the 2019 Paragon Awards at the International Swimming Hall of Fame; Photo Courtesy: JM STREINER

Chief Peter Davis, a seventh generation Galvestonian, leads the Galveston Island Beach Patrol as well as the Park Board Police Department. He has been involved in lifesaving since 1983. This includes serving as a professional ocean lifeguard, but for many of those years he has acted in a voluntary capacity to develop lifesaving and reduce drowning worldwide, with a focus on Central and South America.

Peter has acted as Secretary General of the Americas Region of the International Life Saving Federation since 2008. He has visited many Central and South American countries to help develop national lifesaving organizations. He is currently involved in training Mexican lifeguards and is the coordinator of a lifeguard exchange program with Galveston sister city, Veracruz. Davis has been involved in numerous international efforts to train the first open water lifeguard instructors.

He is an Open Water Lifesaving and Personal Watercraft Rescue for the USLA and Red Cross open water lifeguarding, Red Cross Emergency Medical Response and personal watercraft rescue. He is an Emergency Medical Technician, Texas Peace Officer, Marine Safety Enforcement Officer, Emergency Vehicle Operator, Swift Water Technician, and Public Safety Driver. He is also certified as a Crisis Intervention Counselor.

Davis has also served as a voluntary official with the United States Lifesaving Association since 1985, in a variety of capabilities including President and Vice-President of the Gulf Coast Region. A key project Davis has been involved, is a partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to educate the Public about rip currents and rip current safety. Davis has written numerous articles and produced videos warning bathers about the dangers of rip currents.

Chief Davis was elected President of the United States Lifesaving Association in 2014 and currently serves in that capacity. He oversees the nation’s only national organization of open water lifeguards which sets the standards for beach lifeguarding in the USA.

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