Petar Stoychev, Shelley Clark Win Lake Magog Stop of FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix

LAKE MAGOG, Canada, August 6. OVER the weekend, Bulgaria's Petar Stoychev won his fourth consecutive (fifth overall) stop of the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix series. This time, he topped the 34K race held at Lake Magog in Canada with a time off 7:44:30:30. For the women, Australia's Shelley Clark cruised to victory in 8:09:11:30.

Stoychev's win came over compatriot Tihomir Ivanchev, who placed second among the men with a time of 7:45:15:61, while Canada's Simon Tobin took third in 7:46:15:39.

The United States' Erica Rose stopped the clock second for the women in 8:19.46:26, while Canada's Patricia Perreault rounded out the top three in 8:35:38:57.

After seven races, Stoychev owns a commanding lead with 104 points in the series, with Argentina's Damian Blaum sitting second with 82 points. Blaum finished fourth in this stop with a time of 7:46:15:80.

Spain's Esther Nunez Morera also has a dominant lead in the women's standings with 106 points, even after placing fifth in 8:56:05:26 during this stop. Argentina's Celeste Punet is second with 75 points, while Rose holds third with 64 points. Punet pocketed fourth-place points with a time of 8:39:35:83 at Lake Magog.

The final race in the series will take place on Oct. 13 with a 15K race in Mexico.

Men's Results
1 Petar Stoychev Bulgaria 07:44:30:30
2 Tihomir Ivanchev Bulgaria 07:45:15:61
3 Simon Tobin Canada 07:46:15:39
4 Damian Blaum Argentina 07:46:15:80
5 Alexander Studzinski Germany 07:46:24:10
6 Rafael Perez Argentina 08:18:56:32
7 Gabriel Villagoiz Argentina 08:20:31:52
8 Mathieu Leblanc Canada 09:00:48:10
9 Jerome Couture Canada 09:08:41:80
10 Ilija Stojanovski Macedonia 09:24:39:97
11 Ray Gandy USA 10:02:32:72

Women's Results
1 Shelley Clark Australia 08:09:11:30
2 Erica Rose USA 08:19:46:26
3 Patricia Perreault Canada 08:35:38:57
4 Celeste Punet Argentina 08:39:35:83
5 Esther Nunez Morera Spain 08:56:05:26
6 Bianka Allard Canada 09:20:12:73
7 Joanie Guillemette-Simard Canada 09:45:09:56

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