Passages: Scott Sherwood, Hawaii Swim Club Coach of Olympian Christel Simms, Dies at 48

Photo Courtesy: Christel Simms

Scott Allen Sherwood, 48, of East Lansing, Michigan, passed away on August 3, 2020, at Waipahu, Hawaii. He was born February 19, 1972, in Lansing, Michigan.

He served and worked at the Hawaii Swim Club, Oahu, coaching kids to the Olympics and National level, earning multiple collegiate scholarships while teaching full-time at the Waipahu Intermediate School. His most notable swimmers are Punahou graduates Christel Simms, 2008 Beijing Olympian and USC NCAA All-American and Brittany Beauchan, USA Olympic Trials Qualifier and UCLA NCAA Honorable Mention Honoree. Sherwood prepared Simms and Beauchan to be top recruits in the nation and to go on to receive full athletic scholarships in college. He also did volunteer work coaching young swimmers in the Philippines in the Summer seasons.


Photo Courtesy: Christel Simms

“There are not enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation for my coach. He changed my life and helped me accomplish my biggest dreams,” Simms told Swimming World. “He had a special way of speaking positively about my future in swimming and carried out his efforts to continuously motivate and encourage me daily. He believed in me. Thank you Coach Scott from the bottom of my heart. Your memory will live on in my life forever and you will always be my ‘ohana.”

“Today, I follow after Scott, impacting young lives and advocating for equity. Had it not been for his words of encouragement (as well as his clear vision of success for all his swimmers and students), I’m not quite sure where my life would have led,” Beauchan said. “He respected and celebrated the diverse cultures from which his swimmers hailed from.” “The words and actions of Scott irrevocably changed my life and have made a lasting impact.”

Sherwood graduated from The University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1999 as a collegiate football player and worked closely with the University of Hawaii at Manoa Men’s and Women’s swimming team as a strength and conditioning coach from 1998-2000, while earning his Master’s degree in Education.

Scott Sherwood is survived by his mother, Joanne Kosloski; significant other, Marjie Patac; daughter, Marianna Sherwood; aunt, Chereyl Fickies (Michael Fickies); cousins Kari Jo Fuller and Kristin Fuller; uncle Robert Sherwood Jr. (Joyce Sherwood), Timothy Sherwood, John Crosley and aunt Susie Montalbo along with several of his cousins.

Memorials may be made to his mother, Joanne Kosloski:
LANSING MI 48906, United States

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  1. Lisa Bendall

    Coach Keith Arakaki, I’m so sorry

  2. avatar
    Kyle Hicks

    Forever my brother,

    rest in heavenly peace now..
    And we’ll play some darts for hours on end
    Like we used too when I get up there.
    You will be missed,
    And never forgotten my brother.

    With much love,
    From your Bro Kyle.

  3. Gone Cracker

    Thank you so much for submitting this and for remembering a great man, teacher, motivater and coach.

  4. avatar

    All my love Scott- and to your family?
    I am devastated. A true loss. I will always hold a place in my heart for you. So many great memories- so much laughter & fun. I will hold onto those times. Always.
    UH Alumni & swimmer (97-01)

  5. avatar
    Coach Keith

    Thank you Christel Simms and Brittany Beauchan for writing this beautiful tribute to Coach Scott.
    Thanks Coach Scott for being part of Hawaii Swim Club. Aunty Marcelle and Uncle Coach Keith.

    Aloha Coach Scott?

  6. avatar

    thank you mr.sherwood you were such a great teacher to us u always made our day and always gave us food lol you’ll always be in our hearts
    wis students