Passages: Francois Carrard, Former IOC Director General Dies at 83

Photo Courtesy: Sports Intern
Former International Olympic Committee (IOC) Director General Francois Carrard passed away on Sunday in Lausanne at the age of 83. 
Carrard was the first to hold the position in 1989, a full decade after entering the Olympic Movement as a legal advisor, and remained in position until 2003.
“I am so grateful that the entire Olympic Movement and I could count on him until his very last days,” IOC President Thomas Bach told the Sports Intern Olympic News Digest and International Inside Sports Newsletter.

Francois Carrard also served under two other IOC presidents, Juan Antonio Samaranch and Jacques Rogge, during his tenure. During the Samaranch administration, Carrard also served as spokesperson of the IOC Executive Board.

“President Samaranch and the entire Olympic Movement could always rely on his invaluable advice. He was not only a man of law and sport, but also a great man of culture,” Bach said.

According to the newsletter, the IOC credited Carrard for his role in creating the World Anti-Doping Agency and the World Anti-Doping Code plus the development of the Olympic Charter.

Former IOC Marketing Director Michael Payne also paid tribute to the late director general, regarding him as “the ultimate fixer, a true gentleman, brilliant strategic thinker, [and] counciller to many.”

Carrard had contributed his expertise to several organizations, according to the newsletter, including the International Sports Press Association. AIPS President Gianni Merlo credited Francois Carrard for his huge effort to help the AIPS gain legal status in Lausanne in 2006 as well as his contribution to develop several programs, including the modernization of the AIPS Statutes.

“François was a true friend who believed in us,” Merlo said.